About Me!

I am a mother, wife, grandmother, sister, and aunt.  I love spending time with my family and helping people.

I have 4 kids, Heather (who passed away in 2008) 28, Victoria 26, Christopher 25 and Brandon 22.  My grandchildren are KayLee 11, Aadyn 9 and the newest edition is Christian 2.5.  My family is my everything.  I adore them and would do anything in the world for them.  I also have custody of my 14 yr old nephew Zane.  I am a survivor of Domestic Violence and Rape.  If you are wondering why I put that up there, it is to let you and everyone else know that you can survive as well.  I am not a victim but a survivor.

I also love photography and learning new things although the whole technology thing gets me confused sometimes but in time I can conquer it as well.

I have been married to my wonderful husband Trent now for 6 years and look forward to many more years together.  We are soulmates and best friends.  He is my biggest supporter and cheerleader next to my children.

I enjoy traveling and have been to all but about 10 states in the U.S. but plan on visiting everyone of them eventually.  I have to get over my fear of water first.

                                                        Off the shore of NJ
                                                                   Me and Vicky at NYC
Zane and Christian
                                                         Me and Brandon

Yes I love ocean photos but I am afraid to fly over them....eventually I will but for now I will admire them from the shore.

I have recently gotten into blogging and find that it can be a challenge sometimes but not in a bad way.  There is so much out there to learn, teach, try and enjoy.  I am looking forward to making alot of great friends and learning from each and everyone.

You can find me on Pinterest , Twitter(still learning it), Instagram as well as Facebook group Walking My Own Path.  You could also email me at bgt8ird@gmail.com so go ahead and Stop by and say hi and let me know you are out there.