Saturday, January 28, 2017

R.I.P. To My Brother...You will be forever Missed

To My Brother Scott

It is with great sadness that I am writing this post.  My brother Scott passed away unexpectedly last week and it has left a void that can not be filled.  We tried to save him but were not successful.  Finally on Monday the doctors declared him officially gone.  However, in this horrible time my brother has given hope and life to several.  He was an organ donor and because of that there are several others that now have a new lease on life.  For this selfless act on my brothers behalf I am forever grateful that he will continue to live on through others.  This is the way that I choose to remember him and it gives me peace.

I am grateful that the decision to donate his organs was what he wanted and we didn't have to make that call.   I know that he is now shining down on us and those he helped with a peaceful soul.  

Scott leaves behind a 14 yr old son, a beautiful daughter and 3 grandchildren whom he absolutely adored.  We are all shocked and sadden by his departure.  The love that he had for them and for us all will continue to carry on through our memories and stories of my brother.

Scott had fallen on hard times recently and was doing his best to get his life together by starting a new job.  With that being said, he passed with no life insurance or any other financial means to help pay for his passing.  I have set up a gofundme account to help us with these unexpected expenses.  I ask that you all share this post and help me give my brother the proper send off that we can for his son.  

Since I am his sister I will be taking care of his son and making sure that he is safe, cared for, loved and know that his daddy loved him.  It is hard on all of us but it is important for his son to know that he is loved and wanted.  Family was important to Scott and I want his son to know that as well.  There are so many memories of him to share and pass along that I can't begin to share them all.

People I have never meet has reached out to me via facebook about Scott and some of the memories that they have of him.  He was a car sales man in various states and the amount of support is overwhelming.  I want to say Thank You to all that have reached out to me and our family.

With his passing I want to remind everyone that we don't know when our time will come so to live life to the fullest.  I ask that you take the time to let those know that you love that you love them.  I also ask that you take the time out of your day to make sure that you have insurance so that your family isn't left like ours to figure out how to pay for these unthinkable times.  For the cost of lunch for 4 days you can get the insurance that your family will so desperately need if you pass.

Again, I would like to thank all those that have reached out to me and our family in this time of need.  Any donation that you can make no matter how small will greatly help us in this time of need.  If you don't feel comfortable donating online you may do so by sending it to my P.O. Box 991693, Louisville, KY 40291.  

Thank You all again and may GOD be with you all and your families.

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