Saturday, November 05, 2016

Much Needed Vacation

So, my husband and I decided that we were going to take a much-needed vacation this year and we had originally picked out Maine as our destination.  After much consideration, I decided against Maine only because it is so damn cold in April, I could only imagine how cold it would be in Late October.  Hence the decision to pick Philly and NYC as the perfect place to go.  

Ok that wasn’t the main reason we picked these locations but it was a major factor.  My husband doesn’t care about planning a vacation so I was left to do it by myself.  His only request was that he got to eat at Pat’s and Geno’s in Philly and other than that the rest didn’t matter.

I on the other hand wanted to do a lot of sightseeing as well as go to Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen in Red Banks NJ.  Let me just say, not only is that man Sexy as Hell but he is a true gift to a community.  He has done so much for the homeless and hungry that I can’t even imagine how he keeps up with it all. 

Day 1 of vacation was of course driving.  It is a long trip from KY to NJ which is where we stayed.  I managed to find a hotel exactly 1 hr in between both Philly and NYC.  Not so easy of a task as you might think.  I had never been to Philly and hadn’t been to NYC in years so knowing where to stay that was safe was a hard find.  Luckily I found one that appeared to be in a good area per Google Maps.  Score!!!!!  So, we got to the hotel around 6:30 or so which was about 2 hrs later than we expected.  Of course, we had our grandson with us and had to make a couple of stops so he wasn’t fussy from sitting in a 11 hr. car ride.  We got checked in and headed back out to get something to eat.  Honestly, I can’t remember where we at the first night but that is ok. 

Day 2 of vacation we headed to downtown Philly.  There is so much to see and do that you won’t be bored no matter what.  The list of sights to see were long.  The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betty Ross House and of course the best location for a Philly Cheesesteak.  We spent over 5 hrs downtown Philly enjoying the sites, finding Starbucks Coffee and food.   We finally found a great place for lunch at the most unexpected place.  Mrs. K’sCoffeeshop was the best by far of anyplace that we found in Philly.  

Day 3 was back to Philly so that we could eat at Pat’s and Geno’s.  That was the main places on my husband’s bucket list.  I hadn’t heard anything good about either of them but he wanted to go because 1) it’s food and 2) that is where all the people go in the movies.  Let me just say that it was the biggest disappointment of the entire trip.  We bought a sandwich at both and we took one bite out of them and threw them away.  That was $20 wasted and I was starving. 

Day 4 was about NYC.  My list was long but cut extremely short.  My husband wanted to go to Coney Island and eat at the Original Nathan’s and I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty.  I was hoping to be able to go into the Crown but couldn’t because apparently, you have to be at least 4 ft tall and able to walk like 165 steps or something crazy.  My grandson wasn’t tall enough and truth be told, I am way out of shape to be trying those steps….lol.  But we hoped on the boat and seen her anyway.

Day 5 arrived and finally I got the chance to go to Jon BonJovi’s Soul Kitchen.  I have wanted to go here ever since I found out about it on Facebook.  If you haven’t heard about it, you need to check it out.  This man is incredible, Sexy, giving and well Sexy!!!!  NO I DIDN’T GET TO SEE HIM (insert crying face here) I did get to enjoy the experience and amazing food.  This place is amazing and I could only hope and wish that he will expand to other locations.  I would so eat there every day if I could. But I knew that we were heading home in the morning can couldn’t go back.   Maybe one day I can go back.

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