Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Seriously Behind the Times -- Melissa McCarthy Clothes

The other day I was surfing the internet and came across a post about Melissa McCarthy and her new clothes line.  First let me just say this.....SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!  OMG, a totally different person.  I loved watching her on the Gilmore Girls, in movies and of course the Mike and Molly show.  She is freaking hilarious.  

I haven't really paid much attention to all the ads saying how she lost alot of weight and what she was doing to lose it and honestly I still don't know how she has been doing it.  What I am writing about is her clothing line.  The one that I didn't know existed.  I love some of the outfits that she wears and given that she was a big girl like I am I thought it was awesome when I found out she had a clothing line.

That is until I took a look at the website and realized that in order to buy a shirt and a pair of pants it would cost more than my electric bill for any given month.  Not to mention that there is a very small selection to choose from, the models are not Plus Size women and not what I consider true plus size.   Below is a picture of 3 items that I picked out which total $154.20 not counting tax or shipping and handling.   

I would LOVE to have this outfit but I honestly can't justify paying that much money for 1 outfit.  Just can't do it.

Now I understand that you are going to pay more for items that carry the name of a celebrity name but honestly I think it is crazy that we should have to pay that sort of price.  Why are plus girls punished with pricing and lack of style?

I took a look at her sizing chart and realized that the numbers they have are IMP unrealistic.  If you seen me in person you would not believe that I have to wear a 2-3x in clothing because honestly what is the biggest on me is my stomach.  This is why I have such an issue with finding clothing to fit and look right.  It seems that everyone wants to have a flatter stomach and that is fine and great.  Hell I want a flat stomach but in reality I know that it isn't going to happen anytime soon.  

So given all this news about me getting extremely excited to find she has a clothing line only to be let down by over priced, unrealistic sizes and a very limited selection of cute clothing I then find out she has this damn SLIMMING BAND in the pants.  When is the last time you seen a honest to goodness Plus Size Woman without any rolls?  Come on now, seriously, all these models they show I believe are not Plus Size because they have flat bellies.  Uh hello????????????  How do you get the rolls in these pants with this new "Slimming Technology" when the problem is you can't get the pants on to begin with even if they are your size because of this "technology".

I have rolls people, I need to hide them in jeans but with this technology I can't even get the biggest pair of pants to button.  I made that mistake once and I won't do it again.  Do people not realize when you put these on and they slim your tummy that the extra has to go somewhere?  Usually up and that is only if you can get the pants buttoned.  

I would love to see the clothing industry use real models that have rolls to design their clothing.  Sorry if this sounds so harsh and rude and whatever else but I am tired of seeing all these "Plus Size Women" celebrities with amazing clothing on and us normal everyday folk can't find them or better yet afford them.  Hell I would have a better chance of finding pants that fit in the Maternity section of a store than I would some of these that they "Design" for Plus Size Women.

Ok rant over.  Have you ever run into this problem as a Plus Size woman?  What is the biggest challenge you face when shopping for clothing?  Are you also like me and in the middle when it comes to length of the legs?

I would love to hear your opinion and what you do to solve the problems you run into when trying to shop for an outfit.

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