Saturday, December 12, 2015

♥♥♥ New Computer and Happy Dance ♥♥♥

Hello everyone and happy Saturday.  Yes I know it is late but I am just now getting a chance to put up a blog.  As my title states I have a NEW COMPUTER......yesssssssssssss!!!!!!  Merry Christmas to me as my husband said when I came home with it.

I have a HP laptop that I have had for about 8 years now and it has started giving me alot of problems when I try to turn it on.  It was so frustrating that I wanted to take a hammer to it.  I was beyond pissed about it needless to say.

This thing has everything on it from photos of my family to software that is expensive to replace.  Such as Microsoft Office.  I swear they are making a killing with having to buy it or pay monthly for it.  What happened to it coming installed on the computer anymore? 

So I had been eyeing this computer online for about a week and finally decided to give myself an early Christmas Present and just go get it.  It wasn't a bad price after all and I was afraid that it would go up in price if I didn't pounce on it.  

Now granted I don't know a whole lot about computer specs or pricing but I do know that was a great price.  The only requirement that I had was that it had alot and I mean ALOT of memory/hard drive on it.  Low and behold it had just what I was looking for and more.

Of course when I got home I had to get my son help set it up.  Not because I didn't know how but because I have this L-shape desk that is heaver than hell and I couldn't get up under the desk to get all the wires hooked up.  Then of course being the computer geek he is, he decided that I had to have alot of other things downloaded on it which I have no clue what any of it was.  He was busy clicking and installing before I ever knew what was going on with it.

So after he was all done doing whatever it was he was going and me praying he wasn't going to **&%*% it up I finally got to sit down and enjoy it.  Right now it is pretty much a blank computer because I have so much to transfer from my laptop to this one but it is a work in progress.  

I will say I was super disappointed when I tried to reinstall my Microsoft office on here.  It wouldn't let me and said that it wouldn't support it because it was a 2010 version.  Uh hello, I paid for that shit and it wasn't cheap.  I want my stuff on there!!!!!!  Way to go #Microsoft for screwing me out of more money.

As he was installing it he asked if I had speakers?  Ooopssss I knew I was forgetting something.  Damn it can't listen to the iheartradio app on the computer without them.  But it was too late for me to run out to the store again so it had to wait until today.

So went to the store this evening to get dinner and junk food for me and hubs to veg out tonight and tomorrow and grabbed speakers while I was at it.  

Now I am doing the Happy Dance like this little one above.  Sorry but I couldn't help but to put this on here. I mean seriously how can you not smile at that.

Next task is transferring everything over and seeing how it all looks on the big 24" monitor I got to go with the computer.  But right now I have to go check on dinner and then enjoy the evening with hubby.

Hope you all have a great night and rest of the weekend and I will talk to you all later.

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