Saturday, December 26, 2015

Frosty Pillow Gel Mat Product Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  Tonight I am bringing you my first ever Official Product Review.

I was so excited to apply for this product and be approved because I suffer from Hot Flashes like no other.  It is almost the end of the year and it has been cold here like in the 40's and I keep my A/C on year round between 63-65 degrees.  My kids complain so much about being cold that I bought them each a heater for their rooms.  My poor husband complains every night about being cold at night and complains more when I turn on the fan that sits at the end of my bed.

I have been looking at these pillows online for a while and I just couldn't bring myself to invest in one without knowing someone that has tried it.  Well now that someone is ME!!!!  It is so amazing to lay on this at night when I go to bed and know that I won't be waking up dripping in sweat anymore from my hot flashes.

Yes even with my house at 63-65 degrees and the fan on medium at night I still wake up from hot flashes.  Correction, I used to wake up from hot flashes.  NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!

It is a Gel Polymore product that is light weight and easy to use.  You can use it like it is in the picture above which is on top of your pillow, in the pillow case they provide or under your own pillow case.  You put it in the fridge for about an hour before use and it is ready to go when you are ready for bed.  I have to admit that since I was skeptical at first I put it in the fridge for about 3 hours.  I wanted to make sure it was good and cold.

I took it out and put it under my pillow case, proceeded to turn on my fan as usual and laid down on it.  OMG it was so amazing to lay on this cold pillow under my pillow case.  I was extremely surprised to find it still cold when I woke up about 4 hours later.  It wasn't as cold but when I moved my pillow and repositioned my head it was colder in the new spot.  Super Excited about that.

 As you can see from these two pictures how thin and easy to use it is.  You simply place it in the fridge for 1 hour and then place it on or under your pillow case.  Wipe clean if needed and that is it.  No washing machine or dryer, or dishwasher required to keep it clean.  (not sure why you would put it in a dishwasher but strangers things have been done).

So here is a closer picture of the way it looks on a pillow and also the instruction on how to use it to enhance the effect it will have against those nasty Hot Flashes.  As you can see, you can use it in addition to an A/C or fan to enhance the cooling experience.

However, you don't have to use this just for Hot Flashes.  Yes that is a major problem for alot of women but you can also use it for Headaches, Fevers and neck pain.  So it you aren't suffering for any of these symptoms I highly recommend that you click Here to get one.  They are half price and that is even a better savings.  Plus if you are an Amazon Prime Member you get Free Shipping and will have it within 2 days.

Disclosure, I have received this product at discount for my honest review.

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