Wednesday, December 02, 2015

December Hodgepodge and Winter Wonderland

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to the little corner of the internet in my blog.  I am joining up with Joyce over at From ThisSide of the Pond with her Wednesday Hodgepodge.  If you haven’t joined in before please be sure to do so.  It is a fun way to meet new bloggers and learn about other people.  Who knows you might learn something you didn’t know.  Joyce is great at making us think outside of the box.

Don’t forget when you are done to leave a comment on the blog.  We all love knowing who reads our blog and meeting new bloggers.  We could turn out to be BFF’s you never know.

1. Did you watch The Charlie Brown Christmas special Monday night? Who's your favorite Peanuts character and why?
--- No I have not watched that movie in years.  However, I would have to say my favorite is Lucy because she represents independence to me. 

"Most psychiatrists agree that sitting in a pumpkin patch is excellent therapy for a troubled mind."~Linus  

Would you agree? 
--- you know I think I would.  I mean who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by bright happy orange things J I know I would.

2. Describe a sound from your childhood. What does this sound bring to mind? 
--- hmmmm this one is a hard one.  I don’t know how to describe a sound for football.  My friends and I used to play football, softball, baseball, and skate and climb trees.  Not sure you can describe a sound for those.  Maybe a crack and a whoosh????

3. You've won a trip to a winter wonderland...would that excite you? Which one of the following would you most want to experience (or which one would you dislike the least)-see the Aurora Borealis in Norway, stay in Sweden's Ice Hotel, go dogsledding in Lapland Finland, take a winter wildlife safari in Yellowstone or celebrate Winter Carnival in Quebec? 

--- I think I would have to pick the Aurora Borealis in Norway.  Look at the lights OMG they are beautiful.  I was going to pick the Winter Carnival in Quebec because I love winter but the Norway is certainly the top pick now.

4. Who or what keeps you humble? 
----  I would have to say my grandkids.  Even though I don’t get to see the older one’s I absolutely cherish my grandchildren.

5. What part of preparing for Christmas do you like the most? Explain.
--- None of it.  I believe that it has become way to commercialized.  Before though it was stacking the presents under the tree that was always my favorite. 

6. Gingerbread-yay or nay? Is making a gingerbread house part of your family holiday tradition?
--- Love gingerbread cookies but we don’t make gingerbread houses.  My kids never got into that.
7. What's one thing you want to start, do, or complete before the calendar rolls into a new year? 
--- cleaning my garage, office and decluttering my closets.  These are things that seem to be never ending.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
--- My grandson has been consumed with reading books (actually me reading the books to him) lately and I have read several of the books to him over and over.  Not that I mind but I wish I could get more books for him than the one’s we have.  They are the hard books because he is so rough on them.  Them things are expensive. 

I think the best part these past couple of weeks is that he is not calling me NeNe like I wanted but instead calling me memaw or mawmaw and he is learning new words.  I taught him the frog sound and now he points to the books and says “book ribbit” over and over.  I love getting to watch him explore and learn new things. 

Don’t forget to leave a message and where I can find your blog.  I love meeting new people and I am always looking for followers and to follow new people.

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