Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Last Hodgepodge of the Year.

Welcome back to another Hodgepodge with Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond.  if you haven't joined in before I highly recommend that you do.  There are alot of people who participate and who knows you might just meet a new friend or two.  So hope on over Here and join in.  

Don't forget to leave a message and let me know you were here along with your blog link so I can check in and follow as well.

1. Share a favorite memory/moment from the week of Christmas.
--- I think one of my favorite moments is watching my grandson open his presents and seeing he got a basket ball.  He loves balls, everything he sees that is round he calls a ball ball.

2.  If someone wrote a book about your life based on the past year, what genre would it fall under? What would the title be?
--- Is there a genre for boring?  It wasn’t exciting at all.

3. What made you feel patriotic this year?
--- Nothing specifically.  I like to try and be patriotic all year round.

4. What experience from this past year would you like to do all over again?
--- I would have to say going to the hotel with my hubby.  We did a mini getaway from everything.  The main point was so that I could soak in a Jacuzzi tub for the evening.

5. What song lyric sums up or is a reflection of your 2015?
--- Hit Me with Your Best Shot….I had some bumps in the road but nothing kept me down.

6. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate 2015?  (10=stellar) Why?
--- I would have to rate it a 5.  It wasn’t terribly exciting but nothing terribly bad either. 

7. What part of the upcoming year are you most excited about?
--- Losing more weight and doing sponsored post to grow my blog.  So far this past week I am 2 for 2....wooohooo

8. Insert your own random thought here.

--- Well I finally got my first sponsored blog post done and I am excited because I have 3 more in the works as we speak.  Granted they are a challenge considering I have never done one before but I am excited to do them.  Besides you get either free or next to free products.  Who doesn't love free, right?  

--- I am also excited that Christmas is over.  I loved being able to watch my grandson open his presents this year.  However, the aftermath of all the toys in my living room and kitchen aren't a welcoming sight.  Just watching him grow and discover though is a whole other story.  I love being able to be a big part in his life and helping him learn and navigate through the world at them moment.

Don't forget to leave a comment with your link to your blog so I can visit and I love making new friends so lets be friends. ♥♥♥

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Frosty Pillow Gel Mat Product Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  Tonight I am bringing you my first ever Official Product Review.

I was so excited to apply for this product and be approved because I suffer from Hot Flashes like no other.  It is almost the end of the year and it has been cold here like in the 40's and I keep my A/C on year round between 63-65 degrees.  My kids complain so much about being cold that I bought them each a heater for their rooms.  My poor husband complains every night about being cold at night and complains more when I turn on the fan that sits at the end of my bed.

I have been looking at these pillows online for a while and I just couldn't bring myself to invest in one without knowing someone that has tried it.  Well now that someone is ME!!!!  It is so amazing to lay on this at night when I go to bed and know that I won't be waking up dripping in sweat anymore from my hot flashes.

Yes even with my house at 63-65 degrees and the fan on medium at night I still wake up from hot flashes.  Correction, I used to wake up from hot flashes.  NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!

It is a Gel Polymore product that is light weight and easy to use.  You can use it like it is in the picture above which is on top of your pillow, in the pillow case they provide or under your own pillow case.  You put it in the fridge for about an hour before use and it is ready to go when you are ready for bed.  I have to admit that since I was skeptical at first I put it in the fridge for about 3 hours.  I wanted to make sure it was good and cold.

I took it out and put it under my pillow case, proceeded to turn on my fan as usual and laid down on it.  OMG it was so amazing to lay on this cold pillow under my pillow case.  I was extremely surprised to find it still cold when I woke up about 4 hours later.  It wasn't as cold but when I moved my pillow and repositioned my head it was colder in the new spot.  Super Excited about that.

 As you can see from these two pictures how thin and easy to use it is.  You simply place it in the fridge for 1 hour and then place it on or under your pillow case.  Wipe clean if needed and that is it.  No washing machine or dryer, or dishwasher required to keep it clean.  (not sure why you would put it in a dishwasher but strangers things have been done).

So here is a closer picture of the way it looks on a pillow and also the instruction on how to use it to enhance the effect it will have against those nasty Hot Flashes.  As you can see, you can use it in addition to an A/C or fan to enhance the cooling experience.

However, you don't have to use this just for Hot Flashes.  Yes that is a major problem for alot of women but you can also use it for Headaches, Fevers and neck pain.  So it you aren't suffering for any of these symptoms I highly recommend that you click Here to get one.  They are half price and that is even a better savings.  Plus if you are an Amazon Prime Member you get Free Shipping and will have it within 2 days.

Disclosure, I have received this product at discount for my honest review.

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Friday, December 25, 2015

♥♥♥ All I want for Christmas is MY FAMILY ♥♥♥

First I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  Welcome back to my blog.

Even though this is Christmas and a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus it is also a sad and lonely time for some of us.  Yes I have part of my family here with me but there is another part that is missing for eternity and some that are missing for many years to come.

You see the one's that are missing are my Mom and my Daughter Heather.  They will be missed for eternity because GOD called them home in 2008.  There isn't a day that doesn't go by that I don't think of them.  They are forever in my heart and always around me and the rest of my family in some form or fashion.  My whole world was forever changed that year and it will never be the same again.  There aren't enough words in the world to describe how their loss has affected our family.

God took a wonderful pair of women from us and so many that year.  My mother who was the strongest woman I have ever known even when she didn't feel it.  She taught me how to survive, the difference between right and wrong, how to treat people and that family always came first.  She was diagnosed with stage 4 lunch cancer December 28, 2007 and died withing 4 months of being diagnosed.  There was no cure and the treatment they gave her was only making her worse.  It spread to her brain and she was never the same.  I was her care taker and from time to time my brothers would come and sit with her while I went home and changed and took a few minutes away.  It was the hardest thing in the world that I ever had to do until October of that year.

I know even though my mom wasn't herself and was losing a part of herself everyday that she felt ashamed for me to care for her.  She had her pride and didn't want my brothers to witness any of the things that I had to do for her in private.  She loved us all so much that she told me right before she became completely incoherent that she was sorry that she never got to teach me all the things I needed to know in life.  I told her that she taught me everything I needed to survive and how to love.  That is all a mother can truly give to her child is love and the ability to show love.

My mom was the glue that held our family together no matter what the circumstance or situation we all came together for our love for her.  She was a smart, funny, caring, loving woman who had endured so much hardship in life but she always made us feel special and loved.

Then one day in October I got a phone call saying that my oldest daughter Heather had been in a motorcycle wreck.  Her prognosis wasn't good and I rushed as quick as I could to the scene of the accident.  She was whisked away to the hospital before I got there.  She had left her two children Kaylee and Aadyn at home with her sister and never saw them again.  October 6, 2008 was the most worst and hardest day of my entire life.  Losing my mother I thought was the hardest until then.

Since Heather passed her children have been with their fathers whom will not let me see the children for their own reasons and no matter what I have done trying to see them it has not worked.  You see everyone has their own side to ever story and no matter what, once they have their story and made up their mind, nothing or no one can change it.  Trust me I have tried.

I am not a criminal, I have never been in trouble with the law, I don't do drugs, I drink about 3 times a year and that is only 1 or 2 drinks, I don't do drugs and I don't hang out with shady people.  I work, I come home, I take care of my family, my bills and my grandson who is from my other daughter and they live with me.

There isn't a day that doesn't go by that I am not missing my mom, my daughter and her children.  There isn't a day that doesn't go by that I don't think about that night and wish it was me instead of her.  Her children, my grandchildren, will never know their mother because they were too young when she died.  Kaylee was only 3 and Aadyn was only 18 months.  Heather's father and step mom had me convinced when this all happened that we would fight for the kids to stay together all together but when it came down to the actual fighting in court it all changed.

I would not wish losing a child on my worst enemy because that is something that can completely break a person.  I know, I fought hard everyday for 3 years to keep going until finally I sought help.  However, what they did was just as devastating to me.  They went to court and lied, said things that weren't true, refused to explain to me why they were doing what they were doing and stood by the father to make sure I never got to see my grandchildren again.  When I did get an answer I was told that if they didn't go along with the father than they wouldn't get to see them either.  BULLSHIT!!!!!! Is what I have to say about that.  The reason I say bullshit is because up until the day of court they were pretending to be on my side.  Don't you think that any decent human being would tell a grieving mother that things were going to get harder and have changed?

The only reason I can fathom them doing that to me is because her father wasn't mentally stable enough to deal with  having a child with his ex and not having anything to do with her until she was 16.  I don't know if it is the reason or not. I do know however that he gets our grandchildren every other weekend.  He gets to talk to them as much and whenever he wants.  I also know that he is a very skilled manipulator that can make you think he is the greatest gift to anyone ever.  I also know that his main tactic with people is intimidation.  However, he also knows that he can't intimidate me anymore.

Anyway, enough about him.  The whole point of this blog post is that I am hoping that both Jonathan and Brandon search for me on the internet and find this post if they aren't already checking it daily.  I pray and hope that they will let me be a part of my grandchildren's lives.  No matter what has happened or what will happen there is nothing more precious to me than my children and grandchildren.  They not only lost their mom that horrible night but they lost everything that they ever knew when it came to family.

The kids now live with their fathers and I can only hope and pray that they get to see each other.  I have tried to contact them but they won't respond.  I have tried to contact both of their mothers and have been told basically that the kids are doing well but they won't share any pictures or any other information with me because the fathers won't let them.

It is hard to know that I have grandchildren out there that was my daughters whole world and my whole world that I don't get to see.  I miss them so much.  I Love them more than words can express and I only want them to know that they have more family out there that Love them and want to share life with them.

Jonathan and Brandon, if you by chance do read this Please know that I only want to be able to give my grandchildren the best in life.  I want them to know that they are loved by more people than they are around now.  I want them to know who their mom was and her up bringing.  I don't hold a grudge against either of you for you did what you thought was best for your children.  I totally understand that protecting them is all that matters in the world.  However, depriving them of their history, their family and the love that we have to give is also a bad thing to do.

I beg and plead with you to please let me see at least photographs of them.  To let us know that they get to see each other and spend time together.  I pray that even if you won't let me or their aunt and uncle see them that we can watch from afar on the internet.  It was my daughter that gave them life with you and they are a part of her that I have left.  If you could only imagine the pain and loss that we have endured and still endure to this day.  Take mercy on us and allow us to see them.  We followed the rules after Heather passed in regards to visitation for Kaylee and we will follow them again.  We just want a chance for them to know us and for us to know them growing up.

I pray that you all have had a very Merry Christmas and you have had alot of Love, Laughter and Many Blessings on this special day.

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday/Saturday Rambles

Hello everyone and welcome back.  I know this post is going up late but I have been so busy today that time has seemed to flown by.  

There has been alot going on in my house as I am sure has been with yours as well given it is almost Christmas.  Personally I think Christmas is over commercialized but what are we to do?  Yeap that's right keep on commercializing it.  We do what we can with what we can and try to remember that we are all in this big ole' crazy ass world chugging along together.

So I have been doing alot of thinking lately and trying to figure out alot of personal things.  However, I keep coming up either blank or getting distracted by everything else.  Like right now for example, my mind is going a million directions but at the same time trying to figure how to best write this post.

I was recently introduced to a site that is the most disturbing thing ever to me.  Yes I went on it and I commented and I shouldn't have.  Why do you ask?  Well because you just can't reason with ignorant people that is why.  It never ceases to amaze me at how some people who are mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters, professionals and everything else can be so mean and terrible and resort to bashing people every chance they get.  These are people who want to pretend they are innocent or not as bad as the people they are talking about.  

Seriously, were these people raised to be this way or have they been torn down so bad that they think this is acceptable behavior?  Don't get me wrong, I am sure we have all made comments about people, said things when we were angry and regretted them after it was said, I certainly am guilty of this.  But these people seem to thrive on this type of behavior and then want to try and tear you down for pointing out the obvious to them.  

Do people really hate themselves so much that they have to talk about other people in such a derogatory way?  I guess you are probably thinking, "well aren't you doing the same thing?"  I suppose you could say that but I am not self hating, I am not self loathing, I am not self anything but curious.  

My mom always taught me to treat others the way that I wanted to be treated but by no means be a door mat for anyone.  I honestly try to treat everyone with respect, I am not saying that I always succeed but I do try.  Am I perfect or think I am?  Absolutely NOT!!!!  I am after all human, flawed, learning and trying to be a good person.  

I was searching for the perfect picture for this post and I 
came across this and I thought hmmm, this fits.  Seriously think about what this is saying.  If you are the subject of such mean, brutal, negative comments than maybe you are not the problem.  Trust me when I say, I don't take the mean, negative, hurtful, brutal comments personally.  

As a matter of fact my motto is this:  1)you don't pay my bills, 2) you don't sign my paycheck and 3) you don't sleep in my bed, therefore your opinion of me don't really matter.  I know that may sound harsh but it is true.  I know who I am, what I am, what I am about, who I am wanting to be and I try to set an example for my kids and grandkids.

My family isn't perfect nor do I try and make it out to be.  Hell no one's family is.  I am sure as I am breathing that if some of these peoples family knew what they were doing they would be totally and completely disappointed in them.  I hope that one day they never have to endure the things that they are dishing out.

I believe in lifting people up rather I like them or not.  I believe that we are all just trying to find our way in the world and sometimes we get lost.  Getting on the right path and finding your way again is all part of the journey.

So if you are one of these mean people on here and you are wanting to comment and leave a nasty remark, just remember this is MY SITE and I WILL DELETE your negative self.  I don't need you to try and bring me to your level because honey trust me when I say, YOU WILL NEVER BRING ME DOWN!!!!!

Ok so with that being said, I hope that you have a wonderful rest of the evening, an amazing Saturday and a Blessed Sunday.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Last Minute Gift Sets and Free Product with Order

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday.  Yes I know that means we have to get everything done today that we didn't get done already for the weekend.  No worries if shopping is on your list for the last minutes or even the first gift for this Christmas Season.

Today I am bringing you another great special from AVON and  ways to not only save but get cash back as well.  Today is day 12 of the 12 Days of Deals and the last one is a great one.  You can get this amazing set for Free with any $50 purchase.  I can personally tell you now that the Naturals hand gel is AMAZING.  It is the perfect fit for any purse.  I also can tell you that I have the cosmetic bag as well and it is absolutely adorable.

The Mega Effects Mascara is another amazing product that we care.  It is compact and different but it is truly an amazing product.  Not only do AVON Reps and their customers Love this product but take a look at this article here where Camila Alves shares with US Magazine her one make-up item that she always has with her for photo shoots.  I don't think you can get a better endorsement than this ladies.  

But there are other great items you can get as well with AVON.  Yes we are more than just Make-Up people!!!!  We have Fashion, Jewelry, Kids Items, Kitchen and entertainment items, Men's jewelry, Colognes, lotions, bath care, foot and hand care as well as Clothing for everyone.

We even have a guest blogger who is an award-winning journalist, founder and editor of  on her tips for decorating.

You must hurry though because the deal for the 12 Days of Deals ends at Midnight.  Oh yeah, I mentioned savings and money back didn't I?  You are going to be saving on Gas, Time, Money, waiting in long lines, getting to the store and finding it isn't there and the most important.....if you are an ebates customers you will also get 4% cash back and FREE SHIPPING!!!!!  Uh hello, no lines, no running around and no disappointments sounds like an amazing money saving offer when you factor in the 4% cash back and FREE SHIPPING.  

However, if you only need a few things and your total doesn't add up to $50 no problems there with savings either.  You can head over to and find additional savings as well.  How about this one 15% off a $40 order but using code ACT654F.  Plus you would still be getting what you wanted and saving time and money.  The bonus is that you can get it before Christmas and have it shipped anywhere in the U.S. that you need to have it shipped.

So do you have a last minute gift you need to get?  How about getting something for someone that is hard to shop for?  Yes we have what you are looking for and something special for everyone.  It doesn't matter if they don't like Make-Up or a specific brand, we have more than just Make-Up as you can see from the pictures above.  So head on over HERE and take a look around.  

While you are there don't forget to register to get all the latest and greatest deals before anyone else.  As well as enter to win this FABULOUS Ready, Set, Win product bundle.

What are your last minutes gifts?  Have you seen all the wonderful things we have to offer?  I would love to hear what is your favorite product from AVON that you have used.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

♥♥♥ New Computer and Happy Dance ♥♥♥

Hello everyone and happy Saturday.  Yes I know it is late but I am just now getting a chance to put up a blog.  As my title states I have a NEW COMPUTER......yesssssssssssss!!!!!!  Merry Christmas to me as my husband said when I came home with it.

I have a HP laptop that I have had for about 8 years now and it has started giving me alot of problems when I try to turn it on.  It was so frustrating that I wanted to take a hammer to it.  I was beyond pissed about it needless to say.

This thing has everything on it from photos of my family to software that is expensive to replace.  Such as Microsoft Office.  I swear they are making a killing with having to buy it or pay monthly for it.  What happened to it coming installed on the computer anymore? 

So I had been eyeing this computer online for about a week and finally decided to give myself an early Christmas Present and just go get it.  It wasn't a bad price after all and I was afraid that it would go up in price if I didn't pounce on it.  

Now granted I don't know a whole lot about computer specs or pricing but I do know that was a great price.  The only requirement that I had was that it had alot and I mean ALOT of memory/hard drive on it.  Low and behold it had just what I was looking for and more.

Of course when I got home I had to get my son help set it up.  Not because I didn't know how but because I have this L-shape desk that is heaver than hell and I couldn't get up under the desk to get all the wires hooked up.  Then of course being the computer geek he is, he decided that I had to have alot of other things downloaded on it which I have no clue what any of it was.  He was busy clicking and installing before I ever knew what was going on with it.

So after he was all done doing whatever it was he was going and me praying he wasn't going to **&%*% it up I finally got to sit down and enjoy it.  Right now it is pretty much a blank computer because I have so much to transfer from my laptop to this one but it is a work in progress.  

I will say I was super disappointed when I tried to reinstall my Microsoft office on here.  It wouldn't let me and said that it wouldn't support it because it was a 2010 version.  Uh hello, I paid for that shit and it wasn't cheap.  I want my stuff on there!!!!!!  Way to go #Microsoft for screwing me out of more money.

As he was installing it he asked if I had speakers?  Ooopssss I knew I was forgetting something.  Damn it can't listen to the iheartradio app on the computer without them.  But it was too late for me to run out to the store again so it had to wait until today.

So went to the store this evening to get dinner and junk food for me and hubs to veg out tonight and tomorrow and grabbed speakers while I was at it.  

Now I am doing the Happy Dance like this little one above.  Sorry but I couldn't help but to put this on here. I mean seriously how can you not smile at that.

Next task is transferring everything over and seeing how it all looks on the big 24" monitor I got to go with the computer.  But right now I have to go check on dinner and then enjoy the evening with hubby.

Hope you all have a great night and rest of the weekend and I will talk to you all later.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

♫♫♫ Story time Hodgepodge Style ♫♫♫

Good morning everyone and welcome back to another edition of Wednesday Hodgepodge.  Today I am joining back up with Joyce @ From This Side of the Pond and we are doing stories today. 

If you have never joined in on the Hodgepodge I recommend you doing so.  You find out lot of interesting things from a lot of interesting people.  Who knows you may find your next best friend.
So without further delay lets jump right in shall we….

1.  Many families have a story they love to tell every year around a holiday. Does your family have one? Are you the star of that story, or does another family member take center stage? Share your story if you want.
---- Well now this is a hard one to pick.  We don’t really tell stories but we do manage to repeat the same thing every year and that is about the word “apparent”. 

When I was 16 my mom and I were talking and my brother chimes in and says “that’s apparent” and my response without missing a beat was “I know I’m a parent but what does that have to do with anything”.  I didn’t realize he said the word “apparent” as in obvious.  I just assumed he was saying that is a parent for you.

Needless to say that comes back to haunt me everytime we are around each other.  Yes I know the difference between the two but at 16 and a new mom that didn’t even cross my mind.

2. Are you afraid to speak your own opinion?
---- OH this is so easyyyyyyyyy for me.  NO.  I speak my mind and opinion on a lot of things. Of course it is mostly things no one wants to hear but it is my opinion and if I have firsthand experience in the matter you better believe I will voice my opinion on it.  Just ask my kids they will tell you….hehehehe

3. Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2016, and for the first time have chosen two shades-rose quartz and serenity. Hmmm...did you know serenity was a color? You can read the thought behind their selection here, but essentially it's blending the warmth of rose quartz with the tranquility of a very soft shade of blue. So what do you think? Are these colors I'd find in your home or wardrobe? Will you add something in these shades to either place in the new year?
---- You wouldn’t find them in my home but you would find them in my wardrobe.  I don’t know why but I love the rose quartz color.  It is very relaxing to me for some reason.  Not sure why but it makes me feel comfortable and yet confident at the same time.  Yeah I know I am strange.  Welcome to my world.

4. If you could be in a Christmas carol, which one would you choose? Why?

----Hmmm, not sure about this one.  I used to love Christmas and all the caroling that went along with it but I have gotten out of that spirit.  So I am going to be a little silly with this answer and go with Jingle Bells.  I just think it is a fun song and I love the cold and playing in snow.

5. December 9th is National Pastry Day. Will you celebrate? When did you last purchase something from a bakery? What's your favorite treat that falls under the heading of pastry? Do you make it yourself or buy from the professionals?
---- It has been forever.  My favorite though is Banana Bread.  That is one thing that I could eat my weight in.  When I was younger there was a woman my mom knew that made me 10 loaves a week.  She didn’t have any kids so she adopted me and my friends as her neighborhood children.  We loved her banana bread.  When she died her recipe was passed down to me for safe keeping.  I still haven’t made it from scratch but one day I hope to.  I know it won’t taste the same because the special ingredient was Love.

6. When it comes to holiday decorating ______________.
---- Keep it in the boxes because I am not Martha Stewart.  Besides my grandson would try to play with all of them and I wouldn’t want them to get broken.

7. When did you last laugh so much it hurt? Explain.
---- Oh this one is easy. Just last week.  My husband who doesn’t have any children is learning what parenting is all about with my grandson.  My daughter and grandson live with us so we have him until she gets off work at night.  So Christian is 17 months and he is getting really good and defining whom and what he likes. 

The other night he dropped a piece of toast on the floor and refused to pick it up.  My husband kept telling him and of course being a 17month old he wasn’t doing it.  Mr. Attitude.  So anyway, we popped a bottle of milk in the microwave because he won’t drink cold milk, to put him down for a nap. 

My husband bends down in front of him and tells him to pick up the toast.  Still refuses.  He stands in front of my husband with his arms out wanting him to hold him.  My husband doesn’t budge.  When the microwave beeped Christian took his bottle, moved hubbys arm and leaned back onto him and looked up like “ok I’m ready for nap time now”.  My husband couldn’t keep a straight face and immediately melted in his hands.

My husband asked..”what left is there to do but give in to him” EXACTLY!!!!!  Now he is learning.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
---- So yesterday I took the baby to the daycare and they called his mom about an hour later telling her she had to come get him because he was breaking out into a rash.  She was at work and didn’t have anyone else to cover her but she had to leave.  She is a single parent and the father lives in Texas so she had to leave.  She finds out that he has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (never heard of until now) and he was not able to go back to daycare for at least a week.  So she made arrangements with a friend to keep the baby all week at our house.  Anyway, she gets to work this morning and she finds out that she got wrote up for 1)talking to daycare while walking out on the shop floor to tell her Manager she had to leave, and 2)for leaving to take her child to the doctor.  Needless to say she was beyond pissed.  The manager who wrote her up has kids of his own, granted he isn’t a single parent but he knew this before he ever hired her.  Needless to say that her employer K** T***** is on my shit list for Christmas.  He won’t be getting anything but Coal from me this year for Christmas.

However, the great thing is that her old employer told her she could come back anytime she wanted to.  I just don’t like her working such late hours and not being able to spend time with the baby.

Well that is all for this edition of Wednesday Hodgepodge.  I hope you enjoyed and please leave a comment with your blog address so I can visit.  I love visiting company and I love to have visitors. 

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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Free Gift with Purchase in the 12 Days of Deals with AVON

♥♥♥Day 4 of 12 Days of Deals♥♥♥

Hello everyone and welcome back to Day 4 of the 12 Days of Deals from AVON.  Today we are bringing you this Beautiful Baguette Necklace and Bracelet set free with a $50 purchase.

It is simple yet elegant at the same time.  This necklace will sure to dress up any outfit and make you feel more Beautiful than you already are.  So why not treat yourself to something Beautiful while shopping for your loved ones and friends for Christmas.  Not to mention you shopping for them puts you closer to owning it for FREE!!!!!  Who doesn't love FREE?  Ummm everyone does.

So click on over here and see what AVON has to offer you.  Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed.  We have Women's, Men's, Teens, Tweens, Toddler and so much more to offer for everyone.  We have housewares and decorative items as well.

But you must HURRY for this offer ends at Midnight and another one begins.  So get your Christmas items now before they run out.  Don't go out in the cold nasty dreary weather to only find the one thing you are looking for isn't available.  Order online and have it shipped anywhere in the U.S. for Free.

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Thursday, December 03, 2015

The 12 Days of Giving with AVON

Avon’s 12 Days of Giving --- Deal #2

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  Today I wanted to share with you all the wonderful things that AVON has to offer YOU…yes YOU this holiday season. 

When was the last time you saw an AVON brochure?  That long that you can’t remember huh.  Did you know that AVON carries everything from make-up, bath, lotions, Jewelry and even houseware and party items?  Yes you read that correctly.  AVON has started a New Living Magazine that shares a variety of household items that can be used year round or for special occasions.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at these AMAZING items that we have.

I told you that we have AMAZING household items. But that isn’t what this post is really about.  This post is about so much more!!!!  Avon is kicking off the 12 Days of Christmas with a FREE Gift every day that you can enjoy for yourself or give as a gift to someone else.  The key is to check back daily or sign up at my website here to get a daily email to tell you all about these amazing offers. 

Today’s offer is this adorable Ceramic Gingerbread Man filled Holiday Candle. 

 He will certainly liven up any room you choose to display him in.  That is of course if you decide to keep him for yourself!  If not, he will certainly make a Great Gift for someone else and make their house smell DELICIOUS in the process.  Who doesn’t love the scent of Cinnamon and Vanilla?  I mean HELLO!!!!!!! When I think of Cinnamon I envision fresh hot out of the oven rolls that are covered in warm dripping icing… just thinking about them makes my mouth water. 

.....mmmmmmmm cinnamon rolls.........yummmmmmmmm

So while you are browsing my  estore, which I am sure you will LOVE, just remember you will be able to find something for everyone and get this AMAZING little guy for FREE!!!!!  Not to mention you won’t have to go out in the cold and nasty weather to get your Holiday Shopping done.  No standing in line, no hunting for a parking space because it is way too cold outside to walk very far and no sitting in traffic and missing out on precious time with your loved ones.

Here are some of the other great things that AVON is giving away during the 12 days of Christmas as well.  The only thing is that you have to check back everyday Here to be sure and get the deals.  All offers expire at midnight the day of the special. 

So click on over here and get your shopping on.  Remember, AVON is 130 years strong, 100% Money back Guarantee and we donate to major causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness.  

See I told you that we have things other than Make-up to offer you.  Even if you are just looking to replenish your Make-up or get that favorite scent of bath and lotion we are sure to have something that will please you.

What is your Favorite AVON item?  Mine is the Glimmersticks Eyeliner and Ultra Color Lipstick which I never leave home without either. Have you tried either of these items?  If so which is your must have item?

Don't forget to sign up to receive email specials on my site so you will be the first to know when something new is coming out or is on sale.  

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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

December Hodgepodge and Winter Wonderland

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to the little corner of the internet in my blog.  I am joining up with Joyce over at From ThisSide of the Pond with her Wednesday Hodgepodge.  If you haven’t joined in before please be sure to do so.  It is a fun way to meet new bloggers and learn about other people.  Who knows you might learn something you didn’t know.  Joyce is great at making us think outside of the box.

Don’t forget when you are done to leave a comment on the blog.  We all love knowing who reads our blog and meeting new bloggers.  We could turn out to be BFF’s you never know.

1. Did you watch The Charlie Brown Christmas special Monday night? Who's your favorite Peanuts character and why?
--- No I have not watched that movie in years.  However, I would have to say my favorite is Lucy because she represents independence to me. 

"Most psychiatrists agree that sitting in a pumpkin patch is excellent therapy for a troubled mind."~Linus  

Would you agree? 
--- you know I think I would.  I mean who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by bright happy orange things J I know I would.

2. Describe a sound from your childhood. What does this sound bring to mind? 
--- hmmmm this one is a hard one.  I don’t know how to describe a sound for football.  My friends and I used to play football, softball, baseball, and skate and climb trees.  Not sure you can describe a sound for those.  Maybe a crack and a whoosh????

3. You've won a trip to a winter wonderland...would that excite you? Which one of the following would you most want to experience (or which one would you dislike the least)-see the Aurora Borealis in Norway, stay in Sweden's Ice Hotel, go dogsledding in Lapland Finland, take a winter wildlife safari in Yellowstone or celebrate Winter Carnival in Quebec? 

--- I think I would have to pick the Aurora Borealis in Norway.  Look at the lights OMG they are beautiful.  I was going to pick the Winter Carnival in Quebec because I love winter but the Norway is certainly the top pick now.

4. Who or what keeps you humble? 
----  I would have to say my grandkids.  Even though I don’t get to see the older one’s I absolutely cherish my grandchildren.

5. What part of preparing for Christmas do you like the most? Explain.
--- None of it.  I believe that it has become way to commercialized.  Before though it was stacking the presents under the tree that was always my favorite. 

6. Gingerbread-yay or nay? Is making a gingerbread house part of your family holiday tradition?
--- Love gingerbread cookies but we don’t make gingerbread houses.  My kids never got into that.
7. What's one thing you want to start, do, or complete before the calendar rolls into a new year? 
--- cleaning my garage, office and decluttering my closets.  These are things that seem to be never ending.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
--- My grandson has been consumed with reading books (actually me reading the books to him) lately and I have read several of the books to him over and over.  Not that I mind but I wish I could get more books for him than the one’s we have.  They are the hard books because he is so rough on them.  Them things are expensive. 

I think the best part these past couple of weeks is that he is not calling me NeNe like I wanted but instead calling me memaw or mawmaw and he is learning new words.  I taught him the frog sound and now he points to the books and says “book ribbit” over and over.  I love getting to watch him explore and learn new things. 

Don’t forget to leave a message and where I can find your blog.  I love meeting new people and I am always looking for followers and to follow new people.

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