Thursday, October 22, 2015

♥♥♥ Thankful Thursday ♥♥♥

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post here on my little ole blog.  Today I wanted to share with you the things I am Thankful for and the Surprise I got today from my daughter.  When is the last time you stopped and thought about all the things you are thankful for?

Have you told someone how Thankful you are for them being in your life?  Sent them a card lately, gotten them flowers or just called to say Thank You?  In today's world we are so busy with the everyday hustle and bustle that sometimes we forget to stop and say a simple Thank you.

Today I am going to share with you the things I am Thankful for and hope that you can take just a moment and reflect on the things that you are Thankful for in your life.

GOD - Seriously how could we not be Thankful to him?  Without him we would not be here and the world would not exist.  No matter how messed up things seem to be at times, GOD is always in Control and knows Best!!!!!

Kids/Grandkids - I am so Thankful for having such amazing kids and grandkids.  I don't get to see my oldest two and haven't now for 7 years but if they are anything like their Mom than I know they are amazing.  I have an amazing son and daughter who have both graduated high school, both are Assistant Managers at their company and my daughter is going to college.

Sibilings - I am especially Thankful for my brothers and sister.  Without them I don't know where I would be sometimes.  They are the glue to hold me together at times.

Inlaws - Kisha and Marie are the most amazing sister-in-laws that I could ask for.  They have been there with me through all the hard times in my life and for that I will forever be Thankful and Grateful.

Work - I would be at a total loss without a job.  I was laid off a couple years ago and was only out of work for about 3 weeks and it drove me insane!!!!  Don't get me wrong it was nice to have downtime but there is only so many times you can clean the house, play on the computer and talk on the phone.  Seriously I was climbing the walls.

Health - even though I have been dealing with a sore throat, bronchitis then pneumonia I am still thankful that I am breathing everyday.

Friends - I normally don't say that I have friends because most people I know are either from work or my past.  I don't get to see them often or talk to them much.  But those that I get to see from time to time I can call a friend because we always seem to pick up as if no time has ever passed.  Those are true friends.    I have 1 male friend and 1 female friend that I have been friends with for over 30 years.  We still talk as if we never missed a beat.

Vehicle - yes I know it seems strange to be Thankful for a vehicle but in today's world we need them.  No matter how hard we try to deny it, life is simpler and sometimes harder with them.

Home - Yes I am Thankful for where I live but it isn't home technically.  Home is where you hang your heart and mine will always be at my first home I ever bought.  I know that sounds bad and I don't mean for it to but that is where I have memories of all of my family including my late daughter and mom being.  That is where we laughed, cried, fought, discovered, grew and connected.  That is where alot of things happened.  I wouldn't ever live there again because the neighborhood has gone to hell in a hand basket but you get the point.

Weather - oh how I love this time of the year.  I would be forever Thankful if it stayed like this all year round.  It isn't too hot nor too cold and there is a slight breeze.  Just perfect!!!!!

So those are the main things that I wanted to share that I am Thankful for today and everyday.  The flowers, card, Pepsi and KitKat that my daughter brought me today made me realize that I don't stop and acknowledge what I am Thankful for.  There is so much that I think we all take it for granted sometimes.

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