Sunday, September 27, 2015

Today I start being more Active!!!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope that your weekend has been great and relaxing so far.  Today I come to you to share my journey of getting in shape.  It will be a long journey because honestly, I should have started a long time ago.

I have always put everyone else's needs before my own and now I am paying for it.  You see I was always pretty active, or so I thought, and I never really paid much attention to things like carbs, calories, sodium and fat grams.  None of those things ever crossed my mind.  I only cared about how something tasted and if I liked how it tasted than I would eat it.

My favorite food is anything fried.  Fried hamburger, french fries, chicken, fish it really didn't matter as long as it was fried.  That of course is one of the reason's I have gained so much weight.  According to the Doctors charts I am considered morbidly obese.  I personally think those charts are full of shit but hey what do I know, right?  Well I know several things and they are:

A) I hurt all the time
B) I have gone up in size on my clothes
C) I avoid going places because I can't find clothes that fit
D) I am self conscious about what other's think of me
E) I am 5'6" and weigh 224lbs when I should weigh between 118-148lbs
F) It didn't happen over night and it won't come off over night
G) If I don't start than I won't ever accomplish any loss
H) Everyday is a new day to start again
I)  I will achieve my goal

See those are alot of things I  I am also realistic about it.  I understand that it is going to be hard.  Nothing worth having is ever easy or at least that is what I tell myself.  I understand that only I am responsible for me and my actions no matter how easy it may be for me to make excuses in the end I have to live with the decision.

My SIL Kisha finally made the decision to get in shape by working on her treadmill and using her Fitbit Charge HR.  Well I have had a fitbit for a while and tried to use that as motivation but honestly, I did as little as possible.  They have all different ones depending on what you are looking to get out of it.  I had the Fitbit Flex but after hearing Kisha talk about her Charge HR I decided I would go get me one.  Maybe since I can see it on my results on my wrist instantly than I would be more inclined to do more.

She wants me to get a treadmill like her and start using it in the garage since I honestly don't have room in my house.  I just made a major purchase with this fitbit so I will have to put one on layaway but I will get one.  Right now I have a Stability Ball, Balance Disc, Malibu Pilates Chair Pro, Mats, Yoga stuff and the balance bar along with hand weights.

I even have the DVD's to go with my Malibu Pilates Chair that I will be using!!!!

So to say that I have a great start with equipment is an understatement.  To be completely honest, I have had the majority of this for years as in 5 years.  I bought it and told myself that today was the day I would change my life.  I honestly never did.  Here I sit at this computer screen confessing all of my failures in hope that I will be held accountable by all of you out there in bloggy land to do what I need to do.

I know that my SIL will certainly keep me accountable for we talk every day.  She keeps telling me that I just have to do it.  She sounds like a Nike commercial but she is so right.  It is hard though when no one else in the house is willing to help support me in getting there.

Yes my daughter and I have a membership to the YMCA but I have basically been giving them my money.  We haven't been in months and honestly we make no huge effort to go.  Sure it was great at first we would go 2-3 times a week but I would only do the treadmill and nothing else.  Occasionally I would swim for a bit but not long.  It is time for all of that to change.

I did start my journey in October of last year at my highest weight of 232 lbs and was down to 211 lbs come the end of April.  I obviously didn't stay with it.  I admit I got lazy, I didn't want to restrict my food intake any longer, I wanted a damn steak for crying out loud.  The diet program that the YMCA had me on was one that gave me a fat gram intake for the day.  For the most part it worked.  Only towards the end did it get clarified by the instructor that the amount of fat grams she told me was my minimum and not the maximum that I could have.  Apparently, she also forgot to tell the rest of the class as well because when she said that to me everyone else was in shock that they didn't know the amount they were told was also their minimum.

They all lost more than I did because they put the work into it as to where all I did was watch my intake number.  I didn't exercise at least not like I should have.  I am still going to do the fat intake but this time I am adding exercise in with it.  I know that I can do this.  I just have to make the time, commitment to myself and keep with it.

I will keep you all posted on my journey and I will get a before and after picture each week as well.  I know it won't be pretty and please don't judge me because I do that enough for everyone.  I now have my garage cleaned and all of my equipment out in the middle.  I am in the process of getting my DVD collection together as well so that I can do this in the privacy of my garage away from my family.

So until next check in on the progress I leave with this:

Wish me luck and be sure to leave some blog loving.  I would love to hear about your journey as well if you are on one to get fitter, healthier and happy.

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