Friday, September 25, 2015

KOHL'S and Vanity Fair Deal Buy 1 Get 1

Hello everyone.  I am coming to you with an Incredible deal from Kohl's and Vanity Fair.

At lunch today I decided I was going to Kohl's to get a new FITBIT but what I got was so much more.  I had a $10 off coupon along with a 15% off coupon so I figured I would get a great deal on the FITBIT.  Well they couldn't use the 15% off coupon for the FITBIT but they did take the $10 which was great.

So I have been in need of some bra's and thought what the hell I will take a look and see what they have.  Now first off I have only bought my bra's from JC Penney because I knew they had the style that I like.  I didn't realize that Kohl's carried the same brand.  But that wasn't the best part.

The best part about buying them from Kohl's is that Vanity Fair was buy 1 Get 1 free.  Savings!!!!!!!  I got 2 bra's for $40 which is amazing because that like never happens.  The lady at Kohl's told me that Vanity Fair would donate 1 bra to Dress for Success for Women.  Double bonus right there.  I got an amazing deal, helped someone else out and and and I got to write them a note on the empowering cards that they had there on the table.

My trip for a FITBIT turned out to be more rewarding than I had anticipated.  How amazing is it that Vanity Fair is donating a bra to women trying to get back into the professional work force?  I have to tell you that I have never heard of any company doing that before so I was super excited.

So I got back to work and immediately started telling everyone in my department about it and they all said they were in the market for new bra's anyway so what a great way to get something FREE and give back at the same time.

I would certainly appreciate it if you would spread the word to all the women that you know.  I am sure that both Kohl's and Dress for Success would be appreciative as well.  It is a WIN WIN for everyone all the way around.  You get a discount, 2 for the price of 1 and someone else gets one for FREE!!!!!

So spread the word and share the love, saving and support for a great cause.  Do you know of any other company that does that with their bra's?  I would love to hear your take and if you participated in this amazing offer.

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