Friday, September 18, 2015

♥♥♥Happy 21st Birthday to my son ♥♥♥

Good morning and Happy Friday everyone!!!!!!  Today I want to wish my son a very Happy and Special Birthday wish.  Today he is officially 21 and is legal to do any and everything he wants.  

My daughter planned on taking him out for his birthday and doing a right to passage evening but she is sick so she won't be taking him out tonight.  When I asked what he wanted for this special day I got two choices.  A) Computer parts or B) Trip to the gun range.  What strange request but ok.  He proceeded to tell me that the trip to the gun range would be cheaper.  However, he doesn't own a gun so I don't know why he wants to go there but whatever.

After checking into the gun range thing I realized that he is correct.  It is way cheaper than buying him a computer part.  Especially considering he custom made his computer literally and now has to do upgrades to it and hasn't had it for a year yet.  Computers are so sensitive but he is using it mostly for gaming so what do I know.  Apparently not much that is for sure when it comes to gaming computers.

He did take today and the next 2 days off just in case he decided to do what most people do when they turn 21 and that is go to the bars and get hammered.  Of course if this is what he decides to do than I will be right there with him as his DD and making sure he doesn't get into any trouble.  Yes people I will be the one going out with my son to ensure he has a great time!!!!!!  It has been years since I have been to a bar but I am the cool mom who my kids actually like going out with.

So today again, I wish my son the most Happy, Wonderful, Amazing, Blessed Birthday that anyone could have.  I Love You Son and only want the best and the world for you. ♥♥♥♥

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