Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Florida, Vacation, AVON and being sick

Hello everyone and welcome back to my little corner of the Blog world.  I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Mine was really uneventful but wanted to take a moment and catch everyone up.  If you read my travels-weather-and-excitement post than you know that I recently went on vacation to the sunshine state of Florida.

Well, she wasn't so sunshine to me.  I flew in right as the Tropical Storm was suppose to hit and man did it make it miserable on us.  But nevertheless, we are the AVON Ladies and a few Good Men and we still managed to keep ourselves entertained with great friends, stories and so much more to talk about.  The whole purpose of me going to conference in Orlando this year was to meet the one and only Molly Stone Bibb with AVON.  I follow her on facebook, twitter and youtube.  She is a real down to earth person who gets the struggles of life and still manages to keep us all on our toes and calls us to the carpet when we want to whine about something not going right.

I was more determined than ever to meet her at this conference.  I was actually scared to approach her because she is such a big deal in the AVON Business.  She is absolutely phenomenal and one of the nicest person you can ever meet.  So I got to meet her and the rest of the conference really didn't compare.  I was super excited to meet one of the greatest mentors I have ever come across.

So on to the rest of the vacation.  When I arrived it was nice weather and so relaxing to be in Florida.  Even though I missed my family already it was a nice break from the everyday routine.  That night it started to pour down rain.  It really was a nice lightening show from my window.  However, I was not quick enough to capture it on the camera.

I meet up with my District Manager who I shared the room with for the first night and we went to dinner.  We both wanted steaks and was determined to find one.  We went to the restaurant A Land Remembered which was hidden from the rest of the hotel.  The setting was beautiful and the food was amazing.  However, it was expensive.  The Ribeye alone was $50 and than everything else was ala carte.  So we did what any reasonable person would do and ordered 1 Ribeye, 1 order of asparagus and an order of mashed potatoes and split everything in half.  Even splitting it in half it still cost us $52 a piece.  Check out the little alligator shape butter.  It was such a nice dinner.  The staff was amazing.  I would have eaten there every night if I could have afforded it.

Unfortunately it rained the majority of the time I was there and with all the classes I took I wouldn't have really been able to get out and see much.  I did a lot of walking and curled up to my tablet and read My Favorite Husband which is Free on Kindle.  Loved that book.  I stayed up way past 2 a.m. reading it.  If you haven't read it, I suggest you click on the link above and get it.  Loved this book.

I have to confess that the hotel was a huge disappointment for me though.  I was really surprised that it didn't meet my expectations.  First let me say that the people in the shops in the hotel were more friendly than anyone at the hotel except for the Event Coordinators.  The maid "for a lack of better word, because she was not for sure" didn't speak when spoken to which burned me up.  I mean seriously how hard it is to say hello and good morning when someone says it to you?  Apparently for her it was extremely difficult.  Second, she took the garbage out of the garbage can and left it laying across my sink, third, she didn't even bother cleaning the glasses or putting them in the spot to make them appear to have been cleaned.  But wait for it, that isn't the worst part of it.  The next morning when I took a shower, I pulled a long blonde hair off of me from the towel I used.  No big deal you say, I am being to picky you say, well my hair is BROWN!!!!!!  So no I don't think I was being picky.  

Before you ask, no I didn't call management because we have all seen the horror stories on CNN, MSNBC and the Today Show.  Here is a video showing what I mean.
It really is disturbing.  But I still didn't complain because I wanted to keep my stuff and had I complained I was just asking for them to go through my things and take something.

Then Tuesday comes around and it is time for me to go home.  The sky was beautiful and so peaceful.

Off to the airport I was heading for the long journey home.  I had a 3 1/2 hr layover in Atlanta which was no fun.  My throat was hurting, I was tired and just ready to be back home.

Wednesday morning rolls around and I call my doctor because at this point I could hardly talk and it hurt to swallow.
I was told that I didn't have strep throat which was a relief but they didn't know what was wrong with me.  I was the 7th person she had seen in 3 days with the same symptoms.  So amoxicillin, ibuprofen and lots and lots of ice cold water for me.  I am happy to report that I am feeling alot better, I have my voice back and even went to work today.

So that was my vacation in a nutshell.  It was pretty boring and I know next time that I go to a conference to rent a car.  I don't ever want to be stuck at another location again.  However, next year it is going to be in Las Vegas which is going to be pretty damn awesome.  I am renting a car for that one because I want to go site seeing on this trip.

Do tell me, what did you do this past week?  Anything fun and exciting?  Any tips from those that have been to or live near Las Vegas?  I would love to hear your stories, ideas and suggestions.  Did you read the book that I mentioned?  If not than I highly suggest you get it and sit down and read it.  OMG it is an amazing book that takes alot of twist and turns and comedy to a whole new level.

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