Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Family Fun at a Petting Zoo

 Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog staring my adorable grandson.  His mommy usually has to work open to close on Sundays at her job and that leaves us with the baby all day.  So instead of sitting in on a beautiful day we decided to take him out to explore up close and personal with some animals.

Hubby and I decided to take little man to the Henry's Ark in Prospect which is a free petting zoo.  I took my kids when they were little and thought it would be something nice for the baby to do.  I was a little disappointed that we couldn't feed the animals though.  That is one of the main reasons I wanted to take him.  So he could experience how fun it is to feed other animals.  However, first we had to feed my little animal.  He was having a blast at DQ with the french fries and sitting in a booster seat next to his pawpaw.

After we got our bellies full we headed down the road about 2 miles.  We turned on a really nice road and drove for just a short distance.  The entrance was hard to see and we almost passed it up.  If it wasn't for my hubby paying attention I would have missed it.  So we turned in and parked.  Time for the excitement to begin.  

Getting to experience this with my grandson was so different then when I did it with my kids.  For one thing, we couldn't feed the animals, there wasn't as many and the one's we did see weren't in the best of shape except for the birds and goats.  It was sad to see this but they are a non-profit and operate strictly on donations.

Seeing Christian look at those goats was funny.  He wasn't sure what to make of them.  He wanted to pet them but at the same time wasn't sure about them.  He was not about to let go of his pawpaw.  I mean why should he, he is taller and could carry him longer than I could.  Not to mention this was the first time there for the both of them.  I couldn't believe my husband had never been there before since he was born and breed in Louisville.  I suppose since he didn't have any kids of his own he really had no reason to go there before now.

First up of course was his duck ducks as he calls them.  We seen a couple of peacocks, a turkey, a bunch of chickens and several geese, swans and ducks.  He loved the ducks.  He has a bunch of toy ducks at home.  

Even though we couldn't feed the animals the goats were extremely friendly.  They just came right up to us and stood there waiting for the attention and affection they wanted.  Christian was happy to accommodate them that is for sure.  He was amazed at the goats and how close they got to him.  That is until his pawpaw petted them and showed him it was ok.  As we were getting toward the end the owners came out and right behind them were their doggies.  Of course we couldn't pass them up.  Even though I am allergic to cats and dogs I still couldn't help but to show this old dog some loves along with Christian and his pawpaw.

Christian was getting tired so pawpaw picked him up again and was carrying him when we came to the last area of goats.  Christian tried to climb over the gate and get in there.  I couldn't help but take this photo of him.  I think it captured the fun the best.  On the way back out we noticed a bunny that had be hiding so I included him on the photos for memory sake.  Christian didn't notice him but I sure did.

We stopped at the little gazebo on the way back to take a short brake and Christian noticed water and was trying to peak through the gate to see what was out there.  As we sat down for a second an EMU came up behind him and was checking us out.  Christian thought that was funny.

As we were leaving pawpaw was carrying him on his shoulders and than he decided he wanted to walk.  How precious is this last photo of the baby following in his pawpaws steps to the car?  We had such an amazing time there.  I just hope that one day they will let us feed the animals again.  I know he would have loved that.

So what fun things did you do this Sunday with your family?  Have you ever been to a petting zoo like this?  I would love to hear about other petting zoo's.  Who knows maybe one day I can get out to see it with the baby.  He loves to travel and explore new things.

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