Monday, September 21, 2015

Black or White Movie Review

Hello everyone and Happy Monday to you!!!!!  I know some people don't like Monday's and I am sorry but hope you still have a wonderful day.

So over the weekend hubby and I were surfing Netflix for something to watch that wasn't a norm for us.  Yes we are couch potato's a lot!!!!!  He was in the other room at the moment and I was surfing what was out there when I came across this movie.  Now I have seen the previews on the t.v. and I never really put much thought into it before so when I seen it I thought what the hell.  Let's give this movie a try.  You see our previous selections for the past year haven't been the best choices.  They may have seemed like they would have been good but in reality to us they just plain sucked.

This is a movie about a bi-racial girl who is caught in the midst of a tug of war between 2 grandparents.  She has grown up with the white grandparents her entire life because her father never had anything to do with her when her mother died in child birth.  When the white grandmother dies it leaves only the grandfather who is a lawyer left to raise the child whom he admits doesn't know what he is doing because his wife always handled everything related to her.  He gives it his best all the while drowning himself in the bottle.

He had lost his daughter and was left to raise his grandchild with his wife.  Then in a car accident he looses his wife and is left alone, confused, angry, depressed and still has to keep up appearances of keeping it all together without being able to properly grieve.  Then you add the fact that now all of a sudden the other grandparent wants to take the child away is enough to send anyone into a downward spiral.  However, he does step upto the plate and gets a tutor for her and sits right there and learns everything she is learning so he can be a better grandfather, role model and all around supporter.

His wife and the other grandmother had a relationship and he never had a problem with that or them sharing the little girl.  However, since the wife died the other grandmother steps up and starts causing issues with him and the little girl.  She turns to her nephew whom is a high powered attorney and tries to take custody.  Of course they play the race card and gets a black judge assigned to the case which they think will surely turn custody in their favor.

I have to say as I was sitting there watching this it was like my life was replaying in front of me.  The only difference is that these people had the money to drag it out and fight for eternity over this little girl.  Of course the fact that one was a lawyer and the other a successful business owner with lawyers in the family.  I on the other hand did not.  Yes I would have fought for eternity if I could have but honestly, I was my only income and I had other children to raise and I didn't have an attorney in my family.

The father shows up whom is a drug addict and a manipulator and extorts money out of the white grandfather whom only gives him the money because he promised he was clean and only needed to pay off some debts.  The condition on the money was that the father would show up and meet his little girl and get to know her.  They turn it against him in court.  Then the father comes back and demands more money and when he doesn't get it he tries to stab the grandfather.  He then takes off into the house and realizes what he has done.  He goes to apologize and finds the grandfather drowned in the pool.

After been given CPR he comes back and realizes that this was what he needed to pull the judge in his favor.  As court approaches the next day the judge is made aware that they father and grandfather both have something to say about the case before the judge makes a ruling on custody.

The judge allows the father to go first and he admits that he is not ready to be a father, he has issues, he is an addict and he doesn't deserve to be the little girls father.  He tells her that he doesn't want custody and that the grandfather is who should be granted full custody.  When the judge turns to the grandfather who was going to tell about the incident the night before, he suddenly changes his mind after hearing the father admit that he doesn't want the little girl.

In chimes the attorney for the other grandmother claiming that they revert to the original case of her getting custody.  She stands up and refuses to put the case back to her getting custody.  She admits that even though the child is bi-racial she is more than satisfied with how the white grandfather is and has been raising her.  After all she has had the best of the world and as long as she gets to have visits she will be ok.  She said she trust him but he does need to get help with his drinking.

Can I just say that this case made me cry.  OMG I was on an emotional roller coaster with this movie.  I have dealt with alot of what this movie has in it.  Loss of a child, loss of grandchild, neglect from the father, depression, anger, fighting in court, bi-racial issues and so much more.  I had to fight in court for my grandchildren only to be under minded by the grandfather.   I have not gotten to see them in almost 7 years now.  I have and still suffer from depression from the loss of my daughter.

I have a bi-racial grandchild whom has had little to nothing to do with his father other than facetime or snap chat or whatever you call it.  Why you ask?  Well simple he lives in Texas and she lives here with me.  His mother according to him is notorious for taking her grandchildren away from their mothers.  I am not about to let that happen!!!!  He doesn't pay child support and yet demands rights to his son.  He doesn't bother sending him anything for his birthday but yet demands rights.  I wasn't happy to find out that my daughter was pregnant but I am forever changed because of this bi-racial child.  He is my world and I totally understand why they both fight over the granddaughter in the movie.  They both love her and want the best for her.  Even though they come from totally different up bringing, backgrounds and cultural difference in the end all that matters is the child.

To sum up this movie is pretty simple in my opinion.  NO matter the differences, custody situation, political views, background or cultural differences....the only thing that matters..... THE CHILD'S BEST INTEREST, LOVE FROM ALL THE FAMILY AND SENSE OF BELONGING!!!!!!    When a child loses a parent they should not be subjected to losing other family members because the one that has the child physically wants to be selfish and keep the child from the rest of their family.

I pray and hope that one day this will get through the head of the father of my grandchildren, the other grandparents and all those involved.  They may be accomplishing their goal of hurting me for whatever their minds want to hate me for but in the end......they are hurting my grandchildren more.

Have you seen this movie?  What are your thoughts?  Can you relate or know someone who can relate?  What is the latest movie you watched this weekend?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this movie or situation that you may be going through.  Who knows maybe my experience and your experience can make sense and help one another.

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