Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Relaxing and Cleaning just don't seem to go together

Good evening all.  I wasn't this productive but I sure did feel this productive as I was jamming out to the 80's station on I ♥ Radio today.  I am still going at it and purging alot of stuff that I either:

A) Kept thinking I would use
B) Used along time ago but no more
C) Don't remember why the hell I had it to begin with

On the bright side though I can see alot more of my desk and floor then I could at the beginning...lol.  It's a start right?  I think so.  Right now though I am taking a break and drinking a cup of coffee while still listening to I ♥ Radio on the computer.  Yes I know it is after 10 p.m. and yes I know that coffee is suppose to keep you up but it actually helps me relax and unwind.

It rained here today which totally sucks because I hate driving in the rain but I pulled up my big girl panties, got behind the wheel and went to the gym.  No I didn't workout but I did get signed up for the personal trainer sessions that I talked about in this post.  I also got several different class schedules so that I can work out a plan on which one's I can attend and take my little Monkey Butt with me to the gym.  Granted he will be going from one day care to another but at least it will be a change of place and different people to learn to interact with.

I have been doing alot of thinking the past couple of days about what I want out of life and where I want to see things heading.  It is hard for me because the one thing that I love has become such a burden to me that I don't want it anymore.  I have basically thrown in the towel on it.  For now at least I can concentrate on me and getting healthier and happier.  I can always go back to in after while.  I just hate that something happened to make me feel this way.

My main focus is going to be on me and my family.  There is just too much going on and not to mention all the medical crap with the thyroid, back problems, wrist issues and just plain on lack of give a shit for me to deal with that I want to step back.  I need to start with a clean slate and take it head on and be my best like I was before.  I just am not there right now.  So for now I am going to step back, clean house, get healthy, enjoy my family and when the time is right I will get back to the thing that I love that has become a real pain in my ass.

I already have dinner in the crock pot for tomorrow.  We are having a pot roast  for dinner.  I have had a hard time getting my pot roast to turn out right lately so I was trolling the internet earlier for a good recipe only to realize that my dumb ass has been using pork and not beef.  Duh to me.  No wonder it isn't tasting like I think it should.  See this is just the thing I was talking about.  Everything becoming a distraction that I can't even concentrate and realize that my pot roast doesn't taste right because I keep thinking it is roast beef.  Damn I am not with it.

I did manage to get a fruit tray earlier today at Kroger on lunch and had it with my salad for lunch.  I managed to have enough left over that I was even able to share it with the other ladies in the office and have more for tomorrow.  I don't normally buy fruit but I found this Watermelon Ice Post from The Happier Homemaker and all I could think about was watermelon today.  So of course I had to go get some.

Seriously tell me you are not salivating for watermelon right now?  How can you not be.  OMG it is truly the first fruit I think of when I think of Summer.  It is just delicious no matter how you have it.  I have to say that I don't care for the idea of a mint garnish but love the rest of the drink idea.  You can check out the entire post here!

Ok I guess I better get off of here and get finished.  I have to hope over to my AVON Site and place my order and pay my bill so I can keep customers happy.  You should head on over to my AVON Store and see all the great things that we have on sale.  We have something for everyone.  Click on the picture below to get started.

We have something for everyone regardless of your age or gender.  Everything from make-up, jewelry, skin care, clothing, under garments, shoes, toys, foot care and bathing products.

Ok I am getting off of here now.  I have to finish purging some documents so I can stop carrying them around with me so I don't forget about them.  I hope you and yours have a wonderful rest of the evening and a great Wednesday tomorrow.  Don't forget to leave a comment to let me know you were here.

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