Friday, July 31, 2015

Overwhelmed and Annoyed

Is this you?  Does it seem to be happening more and more with no end in sight?  If you answered yes to either of these then you are NOT alone.  I am right there with you.  My husband asks me all the time what is wrong or what he can do to help but honestly he is part of the problem.  Hell everything is part of the problem if I am going to be honest.

I don't have a busy social life or any social life at all for that matter.  I don't have small children that require my attention but I do babysit my grandson for my daughter.  I live in a house with 4 grown adults and 1 child under 1 and yet it seems that no one can do anything without getting me involved.  It absolutely drives me insane.  I have talked to all of them about it and yet it does me no good.

This is probably going to be more like a rant than a blog post but I am sure that there are several people out in blogland that can relate to me.  I mean seriously when is enough enough?  I am just ready to run away and never look back.  I feel so overwhelmed and annoyed and aggravated that it isn't even funny.  There isn't just one particular thing that makes me that way either.  I don't know why I am letting so many things get to me but I feel literally like I am drowning and no one is there to save me.

When the garbage is full regardless of whose job it is to take it out then don't throw shit on the floor.

My husband refuses to take out the garbage because he says it is my sons job.  My daughter and I take out the garbage when it gets over full and my son isn't home to take it out.  ughhhhh drives me nuts.  I can't hang pictures on the walls where and how I want to because he says that photos belong in an album and not on the wall like a museum.  Uggghhhhhh drives me nuts.  (are we starting to see a pattern)

My daughter has to call me with and about every little thing in the world.  Not that I mind her calling me but honestly I don't need her to call me and tell me that she is going swimming after she does other running after work.  I need to know this why?  I just need to know when she will be home and if I need to pick up the baby from daycare.  Other than that it doesn't matter.

My son, well I only see him when he comes out of his room for food, a shower, something to drink and when I ask him to take out the garbage.  Oh yeah I forgot sometimes I see him when he is leaving for work or just getting home from work.

Everyone in my house works and we all do different things except for my kids.  They are both assistant managers at the cookie company that they work at which just so happens to be at the 2 biggest malls in our city that is literally separated by the expressway.  They work different shifts most of the time so one is usually home when the other isn't.  Both my husband and I work close to the same shift.  He goes in to work at 6:30 and is usually home by 4:30 and I am an 8-5 person.  Sometimes I have AVON meetings but sometimes I don't.  I am the only one with a sit down job and mental exhaustion.

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