Monday, July 13, 2015

Last Day to Save an extra 10% on Outlet

Happy Monday Afternoon folks.  I just wanted to pass along this great sale that ends tonight!!!!!  There is tons to choose from including but not limited to Make-up, Fragrance, Jewelry all the way to housewares and kids items.

Here is just a few screen shots of the things you can get:
Skin care at a huge discount.  As you can see that these are over 50% discounted already.  But you can save an extra 10% so a savings up to 60% off.

Bath & Body Care shown here is just a few that are on sale right now.  Be sure to check them all out.

Don't forget these amazing little lotions and lip balms that will fit right in your purse.  I don't know about you but I always need these 2 items in my purse.  

Do you love Bon Jovi?  Uh yeah I do thank you very much.  He may be from the 80's and 90's but that man still has it going on that is for sure.  Did you know he carpools his kids?  Seriously a Rock Star!!!!!  You can get both the shower gel and lotion by Bon Jovi for less than $5 and I have to say they are nice sized bottles.  If you want the perfume however you are going to have to contact me for that.  They no longer have it in the book or online.  It smells amazing.  
How about Fergie?  Yes she is one rocking individual.  Mother, musician, spokesperson for AVON, Fragrance line and all.  Last but not least.....Chris Paul Untouchable

This is the most amazing fragrance that I believe AVON has made in along time.  I have no clue who Chris Paul is because I am not into sports but I have to say I would love to have a year supply of this cologne for my husband.  It literally makes my knees buckle.

So those are some of the great sale items that is there for you to choose from.  Please be sure to leave a message if you have smelled any of the colognes because they are amazing.

Don't forget to use the code:  OUTLET at checkout for the additional savings.

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