Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Celebrating the 4th of July and our Freedoms Hodgepodge

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Wednesday Hodgepodge.  Joyce does such a wonderful job with the questions and making you think about the answers.  Hope on over here and join in.  Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know you were here so we can all grow our followers and audience.

Have a Happy 4th of July Weekend and be safe while having fun and enjoying the Freedoms we have that so many want and yet don’t have.

1. On Saturday July 4th America celebrates her Independence. (If you're not American,  feel free to answer in terms of a national holiday in your own country) What is your favorite thing about the day? Your favorite food on the 4th? Do you fly a flag at your house? Fireworks-yay or nay? Any special plans this year?

-- We don’t really buy fireworks since my kids are grown.  However, soon it will be different once my grandson realizes what they are.  We usually go to a relative’s house for a cookout and celebrate with all of the family.  However, come to think about it, I haven’t heard about a cookout for this year yet.  Hmmmm, looks like I will have to make a few calls.

2. What's something you recently got for free?

-- That would have to be a T-Shirt that says :AVON across the front of it.  One of the ladies in the group won one and she already had one so she gave it to me.

3.  The Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, The Washington Monument, or Mount many on the list have you seen? What is your favorite historical American monument, and why? 

-- Well considering I have been to NYC I wasn’t able to go visit our Lady Liberty.  I had planned on doing a weekend trip to Philly but Hubby and I can’t seem to get it scheduled.  Mount Rushmore is a place I am so wanting to go but for the life of me can’t seem to get hubby interested in that one.  We are older and out of shape so I can understand his point in a way.  I have been to The Washington Monument and seen several others while there.  It was pretty neat I have to say.  As for my favorite historical monument, I can’t say.  I haven’t seen them all to make an informed opinion on that.  My next trip will be to either Philly or NYC.

4. When it comes to the news are you more ostrich (stick my head in the sand) or hog (they have room to take a whole lot in)? How much attention have you given the recent news reports regarding ISIS and the acts of terror they've perpetrated against those who do not share their beliefs or support their cause?

-- I honestly haven’t read the news nor watched it.  Hubby has the t.v. occupied with Star Trek Episodes on Netflix. 

5. We're talking plain ice cream...vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry? Choose one.

-- Chocolate without a doubt.  However, I still add Hershey syrup on it.  Love my chocolate but the dark chocolate and death by chocolate is too much.

6. Share a song you love containing the word 'stars' in the lyrics or title?

-- Wow that is a hard one.  I had to do some searching.  I would have to go with “Counting Stars” by OneRebulic.

7. Describe and/or say goodbye to June with an acrostic. 

Juggling days
Unsettling weather
Now it is time for the hot weather
Easing my way into the Hottest month with the most birthdays.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

-- I got my CPAP Machine yesterday and had my first night of sleep with it on.  It seemed like it was going to take forever in the appointment and I honestly just wanted to go to sleep there and try it out but I had to go back to work.  It was really hard breathing with it at first and felt like I was suffocating but as the night went on I was able to sleep with it.  I only woke up once during the night to use the bathroom but other than that I didn’t have a problem with it.  I woke up feeling better than I have in awhile.  However, I have had a headache all day.  I will probably go home and take my migraine meds and go back to bed.  The other grandma has the baby tonight while my daughter is working so I hope to get a nap in at least. 

-- My testing came back from my biopsy and the results were “I don’t know what it is but it isn’t cancer” was the response from the doctor.  Great it isn’t cancer but I still have no answer as to what “it” is.  I scheduled a follow up appointment in December and if it isn’t any better by then we are going to go into surgery and remove it.

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