Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Waiting on Results and a Husband's Secret

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  I apologize that I have been pretty much MIA lately.  Things have been crazy at home and in life and AVON as well.  So I thought I would share with you all just a little bit of what is going on with me lately.

In February I noticed that my throat had a large welp on it.  Just out of nowhere it appeared.  No big deal I had the same thing happen last year same time and turned out to be nothing.  Well finally got into the doctor in May to find out about it.

I had an Ultra sound done and they found that the mass was 4.3 cm which is larger than last year.  Now to you and me that doesn't seem like it would be that big but apparently it is.  Especially when it covers the majority of your neck.  So after the Ultra Sound I was sent to see an ENT Doctor.

He ordered blood work for my Thyroid and scheduled for a Biopsy.  After dealing with a very confusing and incompetent staff at NKC Hospital I got a call back the next day from the doctors saying that all Levels were normal.  So now I go for the Biopsy.   The procedure isn't as scary as you may think.  All they do is lay you on a table, put the ultra sound machine on your neck, number you and take out some stuff.  (very medical term there..."Stuff")  No clue what it is so I can not call it by it's proper name.  Oh wait, I know, it is called a Mass.  Yeah that's it a Mass...lol.  Sorry folks I have to make fun or it would be horrible and sad..lol.

So I get to the doctors office and he starts to do his thing and I explain to him that he doesn't need to tell me what he is going to do that he just needs to do it.  He was confused and surprised and decided instead to tell me a story about the a story he is reading.  It is Husband's Secret and you can get it by clicking on this title.  I can just hope that he will finish reading it by the time that I get my test results so I can find out how it ends.

Before I knew it the whole procedure was over with.  I was surprised that all I felt was the alcohol wipe and the stinging from the numbing medicine.  Other than that I kept my eyes closed the whole time and just listened to him tell me about the story he was ready.  He did tell me that he was going directly into the mass on my neck and not at the base of my neck so I didn't have anything to worry about.

You see last year I had this happen only it was across my entire right side of my neck coming down to where the collar bones meet in the center.  It didn't hurt but it sure made me panic.  It came up quick and fast and I was afraid that if it got any bigger than I would not be able to breathe.  Fortunately, it stopped growing within a few hours and still to this day we don't know why or what it was.

I just hope that this doctor will be able to figure out what it is that is on my neck this time and away to treat it.  If you were to google the symptoms which I sorta really don't have any (yesI know not grammatically correct)  then you would come up will all sorts of things.  The one that most closely fits how I feel and have been feeling for some time now is Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.  I just want to be back to normal with more energy, less hot flashes or power surges as my HR manager calls them, warmer feet and legs and the ability to sleep without waking up sweating.

So that is what is going on with all of that.  On the good side or not so good side.  I get to go get fitted for a CPAP Machine tomorrow morning.  Again, I am not looking forward to that either.  Now I get to sleep with a damn machine on my face and try to be comfortable.  Uh yeah ok, like that can totally happen, uh NOT!!!!!  I know what is wrong with me in a nutshell.  I grew up!!!!   Remember being younger and the only thing that ever hurt on you were your legs from running or your toes from stumping them?  Yes, ADULTHOOD is to BLAME!!!!  I want to be a kid again damnit.

I will do an updated post when I find out what the results are on Monday.  But until then, don't forget to get the questions for Wednesday Hodgepodge and join in tomorrow morning.  It is always fun and interesting to see what everyone has to say.

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