Monday, June 08, 2015

♥♥Happy Monday♥♥ I am still here :-)

Good morning everyone or afternoon depending on when you are reading this.  Man where has the weekend gone to?  It seems like just yesterday was Friday and we skipped right to Monday. 

So apparently I am like the worst blogger ever!!!  I was talking to my SIL over the weekend and we were talking about pages on our blog and how to do them and so forth.  I checked on my AVON blogs and made the comment that it couldn’t be right because I know I have done one since mid May.  Uh here comes the worst blogger part.  After checking my dashboard I realized that in fact I had not written a post since May 11th.  I am so sorry I can’t believe that I had been that busy and totally forgot to write a blog post.

My goals for today since it is slow and rainy here at work are to hopefully get 2 posts done plus a giveaway not counting this one.  Figure out how to do a Rafflecopter giveaway and get my SIL to help me figure out the stuff I need to do the Giveaway.  I can’t access several things at work on my computer because IT has them blocked like Fort Knox.  I mean seriously there isn’t anything else for me to do that will take up my whole day.  I can complete my work for the day in about 30 minutes which leaves the rest of the day to do basically anything that I can on the computer and surf around for ideas.

Ohhh did you noticed the background picture on my blog?  I managed to change it over the weekend which made me super excited.  Then today at work I looked at it and realized that it doesn't cover the entire screen on my work computer screen as it does on my home computer.   Do you noticed that it is different on your send?  Do you see the background picture all the way across as well or only part of the way?

The other thing I am hoping to do today is to find several YouTubers who are in their early 40’s to mid 50’s that do make-up tutorials.  My SIL told me about Hot and Flashy on YouTube which I think is great but want to see what else is out there.  The one’s I watch now are the younger girls which as was pointed out to me over the weekend, isn’t really going to be the same results for me as it is for them.  :-)  love ya Kisha….lol.

So that is my goal….how about you?  What do you have for your goals today?  Anything fun and exciting?  Maybe you are on the hunt for a great special or sale?  Maybe you have found something exciting you want to share with others?  Please leave your comments below and share with me as well.  

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