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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  I apologize that I have been a bit absent lately.  Things have been really busy with work, my grandson and my AVON Business.  Hopefully this weekend I will be able to get caught up on everything including getting out several blogs that I want to get written.

So recently I saw a newsarticle of a man here in my hometown attack a police officer that was called because this person attacked a woman earlier.  Woohooo someone gets justice right?  WRONG!!!!!  It turns out that this person who was approached by the officer cordially mind you decided that he didn’t want to comply with the officer.  He is seen going off camera and then coming back in sight swinging a flag pole.  I found this article by googling it and seen they now have multiple angles of the video.

I don’t know about you but if it was me I would do anything and everything I could to stop this guy from attacking me, just as this Officer had done.  He backed up, pulled his weapon and even went behind his police cruiser to avoid the confrontation.  In the end it didn’t matter.  The officer shot the man and he later died at the hospital. 

As most people do they want to be on TV. when the news stations come around just to be on TV.  Now not all people do this but the majority of them do.  When they are interviewed they give their own version of the story and more times than not tend to embellish the story with lies.

We see it more often than we care to on the news about a White Officer Shooting a Black Person but what we don’t see is the whole truth of the situation.  We hear peoples version of the story, listen to “what if’s”, Judgment, second hand accounts, their theory on what happened from those not there in person and next thing you know we have Ferguson happening.

Do I have a right to talk about or judge or even get on TV. and tell my side of events when I wasn’t there in person?  NO!!!  Why is that you ask?  Were there other people who were on TV. giving their side of the events that weren’t there?  ABSOLUTELY!!!  Does it make me qualified to speak about the events that lead up to the arrest and death of a person if I wasn’t there?  NO!!!!! 

The point of this ramble is this…..if people followed the law and did as they were instructed regardless of race than you wouldn’t be dealing with all the uproar and protest and fighting against cops as there is now.

Below is a letter from the FOP of our Local Police Community.  He is getting a lot of backlash over this letter that he wrote but he is calling out all those Liars, Social Activist and the Media for flaming the fire with their own agenda.  Go ahead and read it and tell me what you think.  I personally don’t see a problem one with this letter.  In my opinion it is bribing attention to the fact that the Police who are to Protect and Serve are feed up with all the lies and bashing.  They don’t hesitate to call them when they need help but yet when someone else that they are not directly involved with get hurt or killed than they want to get into the mix of it.  At the very end of this letter is a response from out Mayor. 

Read the full text of Mutchler's letter below:
Consider this an open letter to the public we serve, the criminal element in our city, and the self appointed spokespersons who choose to remain blind to reason, who use misinformation and who sensationalize tragedy at every opportunity to forward their political agendas.

Know this: The members of River City FOP Lodge 614, who serve and protect Louisville every day, will no longer stand on the sidelines while anyone continues to assault and demonize us.

To those of you that support us while we serve and protect you — Thank You. Although you are not chosen for media interviews, we know that you understand we are here for you and your families. We know that the vast majority of you see that ninety-nine percent of police officers serve with integrity and courage. Although we know in our hearts that you are the silent majority, sadly, that may not be enough. Soon, we may have to ask for you to rise with us against the small, but very vocal group of people in our city who resist everything we all strive to attain — freedom, safety and the ability to live our lives happily and without fear.

To the criminal element in our community-we do not fear you. We are not your punching bag and we will not simply stand by and accept your verbal or physical assaults. No matter what craziness occurs, we will always protect our citizens and ourselves. No matter how weak our criminal justice system, we will hunt you down again and again until they put you away or you go away. No matter how weak our policies we will find a way to make you understand that Louisville isn't where you want to live. Most importantly, though, take note of the following: If you actively resist or assault us, we will use every option available to take you into custody. If you use deadly force against us or use or attempt to use a dangerous instrument or deadly weapon against us, we will use deadly force against you and we WILL stop the threat to us, our fellow officers or the citizens we serve.

To the sensationalists, liars and race-baiters —we are done with you. At first it was good enough just to sit back and watch your ridiculous spectacle. No more. Now your rhetoric, lies and hate puts all of us, police officers and citizens alike, in danger. From now on we will call you out each and every time you tell a lie, twist the truth or otherwise engage in vile behavior meant to push your selfish agendas. If your behavior or untruths causes harm to us or the public, we will make every attempt to have you investigated, charged and prosecuted at the local, state or federal level. Your idiocy and lies are what caused the destruction in Ferguson and other cities around our country and we won't be tolerating that here. We watched in shock most recently as some of you flat out lied to the media after a critical incident here in Louisville. Many in the media are self serving too, and we watched as they stood on the sidelines and fanned the flames for financial gain.

It is obvious to nearly everyone that you are attacking and lashing out at the police instead of attacking the real problem — those who commit crimes in our city and those who enable the criminal element. Are you not paying attention to what is happening around the country? As police are disempowered the predominately minority areas of cities, including Louisville, are suffering at the hands of killers and violent felons. Yet you continue to attack law enforcement. Your attacks can't stop the truth from shining through. The truth is that every day there are millions of encounters during which police officers interact peacefully with all kinds of people, even during very difficult circumstances.

Your flawed logic and lack of reason regarding events that occur in our society makes you appear stunningly inept. Let me help you. All citizens in Louisville, regardless of race, creed, color, gender or national origin have the SAME rights and responsibilities. No one gets a separate set of rules. Politicians may fear you and your tactics-we do not. You and those you enable must abide by the law and comply with law enforcement like everyone else. If you refuse to comply or even worse, attack a law enforcement officer, expect to be met with force.

Your ridiculous demands and anti-law enforcement attitude has reached a level that is unacceptable. You want our attention? Well you have it. Consider yourselves on notice. We challenge you to have the same integrity and dedication to serving the community that you say you seek in the police. We already have it. You need to get it.

On behalf of the members of RCFOP Lodge 614,

Dave Mutchler


River City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 614
Mayor Fischer's full statement:
I appreciate that emotions are high after the tragic event of last week. This letter does not reflect the sentiments of me or the vast majority of Louisville's citizens, who know that we are all on the same page, working to build safe and strong communities for all of our families. We are in this together -- police who put their lives on the line to keep us safe while building strong relationships of trust, and community members, who must be engaged citizens involved in our efforts to create a compassionate, thriving Louisville. Rather than incite anger and distrust between the police and the community, my administration will continue to work to build those critical relationships and the trust they create.

So tell me what did you think?  Did you think this cop was in the right for writing this?  When the media asked a local activist, this is what was said:

Rev. Gerome Sutton, who led a community meeting about police relations Thursday evening in Louisville's West End, called on Conrad to respond.

"The chief ought to have something to say," Sutton said. "That letter is a threat. That's not going to develop a relationship with the police."

Seriously A Threat?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I personally don’t see it as a threat.  I see it as being fed up with putting your life on the line and thinking you can do whatever the hell you want to do and get away with it.  This is a letter that puts everyone on notice that they are fed up and are not going to idly standby and let this behavior continue.  Personally I agree with his letter.  We only hear about the bad but never the good about our police.  We always hear how “he was a good person, he wouldn’t never hurt nobody” from these people and yet this person has a long line of charges against them for assaults, drug charges, persistent felon or other charges that contradict what the “witness” is saying.

There is of course the response from our Mayor's response stated “that it does not reflect the sentiments of him or the vast majority of Louisville’s citizens.”  Excuse me Mr. Mayor Fischer but I do not recall being polled on this.  As a matter of fact I can show you at least 20 other people that agree with this man.  I don’t know who you are including in this “Vast Majority” but I can guarantee you it isn’t the “Vast Majority”.  How dare you speak for the “Vast Majority” when I am sure you have not asked the “Vast Majority” their opinion on this matter or any matter for that. 

We are fed up with the fact that the drug dealers, thugs, robbers, rapist and murders are still walking the streets and continuing in the behavior that they are.  I am sick and tired of being denied benefits because I work and they get benefits for not working.  I am sick and tired of seeing that the “minority” are getting ahead in life when the rest of us who are working and busting our asses for the things we have are still struggling.  So Mr. Mayor if you want to make Louisville better than I suggest you take a poll of EVERYONE and not just the select few that you choose. 

Here are some facts that we don’t see or hear about in the local media: 

This is from

Figures on police shootings by race are thin on the ground, but Mr. Moskos’s results have some support: The investigative journalism website ProPublica came up with a similar percentage in an Oct. 10 article, reporting that 44 percent of all those killed by police were white, using FBI data from 1980 to 2012.
The fact-checking website PolitiFact concluded in August 2014 that police kill more whites than blacks after the claim was made by conservative commentator Michael Medved. PolitiFact cited data from the Centers for Disease Control on fatal injuries by “legal intervention” from 1999 to 2011.
The reason we don’t hear about these killings is simple.  A lot of white people believe that your dumb ass got what you deserved for not obeying the police.  It is pure and simple.  You break into my house and I will shoot to kill your ass.  If you attack one of my family members, I will shoot to kill your ass, If you try to car jack me, I will shoot to kill your ass.  That folks is my Second Amendment right.  Even though I do not personally own a gun if I did that is exactly what I would do.  Don’t get it twisted with me being a race baiter or racist or anything else.  It is pure common sense.

The problem with society in my opinion is that the government has overstepped its boundaries.  They are not living in my house raising my children so therefore they have no right to tell me how to raise my children.  They have no right to tell me how to discipline my children as long as I am not abusing them.  Take away the control of our government on this issue and give it back to the parents and make them responsible for punishing their children and teaching them respect.  The mindset that is shown on T.V. when this happens is that everyone is wrong but the person that is actually doing the wrong. 

Stop doing things against that law and you won’t be mistreated, shot at, killed or beaten.  Stop saying that everyone of color is innocent when in fact they are not!!!  Are there bad cops out there?  Absolutely!!  However, there are way more good cops than bad ones. 

Please note that I am not saying that if you don't obey the law that you should be killed.  What I am saying is that you should obey the law and you won't have to be worried about being killed.  If you have warrants that are outstanding on you then confess to that instead of running or attacking the police.  You did the crime so you should do the time.  Every action has a equal reaction to it.  If you are nice they will be nice, if you are evil they will be evil, if you are disrespectful they will be disrespectful, if you run, they will chase you and catch you and they won't be so nice.  

Feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts but just so you know, I will not tolerate being attacked for my opinion or view point.  

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