Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Affordable Care My ASS!!!! Mr. President

Hello everyone and welcome back.  Today I want to talk about Healthcare.  Yes that thing that we pay for in hopes that we never have to use it but when we do we can't afford to use it.  Yes that Healthcare.  The healthcare that is supposed to be more affordable per President Obama that you will be fined/taxed on if you don't have it.  Yes that Healthcare.

I have a mass on my throat that is from my Thyroid.  Why I have this mass is beyond me and I got concerned because all of a sudden this huge lump popped up on my neck.  It started in mid February and I was finally able to get into a doctor this week to been seen about it.  So 3 1/2 months later from the day it showed up.  Sounds about right for the average wait time to get into your Care Provider which usually doesn't do anything and just sends you on your way with some medicine.  Fortunately (or not) for me the doctor actually was concerned enough to order an Ultrasound on it.  No problem I thought, I have insurance, surely it won't cost me that much out of pocket.

First I want to say that I am still paying on a $6K bill from Carpal Tunnel Surgery almost 2 years ago because of the deductible and co-pay and out of cost expenses that weren't covered by insurance.  So now back to this story.  I go to the Diagnostic Center with the hospital and they inform me that I have to pay $302.91 at time of visit.  WHAT?????? Uh no I don't think so.  When I asked why they told me it was because of my deductible and co-pay on my insurance plan.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?? was the next question out of my mouth.  I was stunned to find out that I had to pay that before ever getting the procedure done.  I explained to the lady that I couldn't pay that and she said that unless I pay $200 of it up front then I couldn't be seen.  So my next question to the lady was...What the hell good is insurance if we have to pay such high amounts and upfront?  Her response was typical, I don't set the price your insurance does.

Seriously how crazy is it that you have to pay all of these large fees that you can't afford to begin with and you have to pay over $380 a month for insurance.  It is absolutely crazy.

Now comes the Affordable Care Act or as I refer to it...The ALL YOUR MONEY IS MINE NO CARE ACT!!!!  I was reading this article on CNN today that was talking about how President Obama (aka President Joker) is made at the Supreme Justice is going to undo all he has done for the Affordable Care Act stuff that he has put in place.

Let me just say this...I agree that everyone should have health care, we need it so I get that and the government shouldn't have to pay for it.  However, I shouldn't have to pay out the Ass because he makes it law.  We are all suppose to have insurance according to his law, but here is my question.  If you couldn't afford health insurance before and you still can't afford it now how in the hell are you suppose to pay the outlandish taxes/fines they impose upon you?  When my husband and I filed our taxes this year the lady at H & R Block automatically marked us as not having insurance without even asking us.  When we did the review she said that we had a $1575 fine because we didn't have insurance.  I quickly corrected her and told her we did have insurance so she took it off.  I just don't understand how this person (President Obama) is saying that it is Affordable.  I can't afford to pay someone that kind of money.  Hell I can't even afford to pay the co-pays and deductibles that I have now.

If the President and Congress and all the other Lawmakers want Health Insurance to be affordable then they need to start dipping in their own damn pockets and paying for it.  Just because they work for the government does not mean they are entitled to a lifetime of insurance, pay, protection and privileges.    You don't see anyone else that works for the government get that type of treatment so why should they?  Why should they get to be paid over $35K a week, month or session or whatever outlandish number it is they get paid just to sit around and debate and argue and be at a standstill.

Mr. President, if you want real change and to make a difference in the lives of our country then you should honestly sit down and talk to the people that are single, single with children, make less than $35K a year and still struggle to pay the bills.  You should sit down and listen to the ones that have to make a choice of paying a bill for medical care or buying groceries for their family.  Better yet, go without your pay for a year, rent a house, get all the regular utilities and get a minimum wage job and see how the hell you manage.

It isn't easy!!!!  I don't make alot of money, I have a husband that makes just a few dollars more on the hour than I do so we are two income household and we still struggle to pay bills when we have to pay out of pocket for medical care.  Seriously, who has an extra $2K sitting around waiting to spend it on medical coverage?  Do you?  I certainly don't!

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