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Liebster Award Discovering New Blogs

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  This is a different kind of post for me but I am so enjoying it.  This is the Liebster Award and it is designed to introduce you to Bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  I was graciously nominated by Megan Danielle over at The Twin Cedars.  I found her on Facebook in the Blog Beautiful Community.  You can check them out by clicking on their banner on the right to take you to Marianne site and join in.  A lot of great advise and help.
So back to this Liebster Award.  Basically you are nominated by someone in the blogging community and you have to have less than 200 followers.  You are asked 11 questions and you have to list 11 random facts about yourself.  Then you link it back to the person who nominated you.  This is a great and fun way to be able to visit other bloggers and learn something new.  The best part, you might find something you didn’t know was out there to like in the first place. 
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 Here are my questions from Meghan:
1.    What do you blog about? Do you sell anything through your blog or do you just blog?
--- I blog about a little bit of everything from family, tragedy, celebrations, AVON Sales and items to whatever else I can think of.   I started it to get my sister-in-law to stop harping on me about starting one.  I had no clue about what to write since my life consisted of my hubby, my kids, work and AVON.  I don’t have a social life outside of those things.  My kids are grown so I don’t do the whole mommy day thing.
2.    Can you give 11 random facts about yourself?
  1.  I can’t say the word Yogurt without getting sick at my stomach.
  2.  I love being in the country where it isn't so busy with noise.
  3.  I would rather be home alone then at work
  4. I have an obsession with Pens.  If I pick it up chances are you won’t get it back
  5.  I am terrified to approach new people
  6.  I have been married 5 times.  You can read that story here 
  7.  I am the definition of a Procrastinator in just about everything I do. 
  8. I get frustrated when my kids or husband procrastinate when I ask them to do something
  9. I am allergic to cats and dogs.  L which sucks because I love them both.
  10.  I feed squirrels and feel guilty when I run out of peanuts to give them.
  11. I have 1 sister and 3 brothers on my dads side and 2 brothers from my mom who I am close to.

3.    How did you come up with your blog name?
---My sister-in-law Kisha helped me.  I had no clue and she has been my sounding board and teacher through it all.
4.    What is your favorite season of the year and why?
---- If I had to choose one I would choose Fall.  It is a time when all the leaves change and the world becomes pretty again from the hot summers.
5.    Where does your blog inspiration come from?
----  Everywhere.  It might be something I see, heard or read.  It could even be something that has happened to either me or someone I am extremely close to.
6.    What do you do for a living? Your day job? If you have your own business or blog for a living please oh please share with us how in the world you managed to do it.
----  I am an Accounts Payable Clerk for a Asphalt Company.  I also Sell AVON full time as well.  It isn’t at the point to replace my day job but it is enough to help pay for my 2013 Volkswagen Passat.
7.    What do you love most about blogging?
---- Meeting new people.  I am always looking to learn.  It doesn’t matter if it is on Photography which I Love or about crafts (I am not talented in that department).  It is always amazing to see how other people live, find those that share things in common with me and learning that I am not alone in the world when it comes to different things.
8.    If you have kids or pets? Tell me about your babies.
----  My babies are grown.  My oldest daughter Heather died almost 7 years ago in a motorcycle accident.  She had two very beautiful children whom I don’t get to see because of their dads.  You can read about that here.Then there is Victoria who is a new mommy and will be 25 this July.  Her son Christian was born exactly 4 days before her 24th birthday.  She was my rebel child.  She always did things her way and didn't care what others think.  She is still that way to a point but now she is all about her son.Next up is Jonathan/Christopher which that story is explained here but after 18 years I got to see him again.  I contacted him through Facebook and he replied.  I picked him up that same day and he moved in with me.  Some would say that was a mistake but I did it anyway.  He is my son after all.  Looking back I should have taken some time.  We don’t talk now because he took money from me and I told him he had to leave for a bit.  He never came back and has not really talked to me since.Then there is my baby.  Brandon.  Oh where do I start with Brandon.  He is the baby of the grandchildren and was my moms side kick up until she got sick and couldn't do anything anymore.  My kids were extremely close to my mom but Brandon especially.  He was raised in a house full of women so he didn't have a prayer…lol.  He wears his heart on his sleeve, he gets upset extremely easy and he hates taking advise or money from me.  Which the money part can be good although he doesn’t realize I am doing it to help him.  It isn’t like he is asking me for it.  He does have to pay me back and he knows that but I still would rather him have money and pay me back then to be without money and breakdown somewhere.

9.    What was your last, best vacation?
----Oh wow, what a hard question that one is.  I have traveled to over 20 different states and they were all my favorite in some way or another.  But since I can only choose 1 I am going to go with Disney about two years or so ago.  I had never been and my husband’s family was riding bicycles to Florida (yeah I thought they were crazy also) that year and I wanted to go.  So I tagged along only we (hubby and I) drove.  I got to go see Mickey and Minnie and all the other characters as they were walking by and the dance parade in the center square.  Oh it was as if I was a kid all over again.  I had so much fun that we went back like a year or two later to do it all again.

10.  If you had a really bad day, what’s the one thing that could brighten it up?
---- My grandchildren.  Getting to see KayLee and Aadyn would make my year but since I don’t get to see them then I will have to say my other grandchild Christian.  He is such a little chunky monkey and is always happy.  Yes even when he gets his shots he is still a Happy Baby.  You can see for yourself on how chunky and adorable he is.
He just got his shots right before this picture

11.  If you could stay a certain age forever, what age would that be and why?
---- Wow what a hard one to answer.  There are several ages that I want to pick for this one for several reasons.  Thanks for really making me do some soul searching and thinking on this one.
I do believe that I am going to choose the age of 25.  The reason is because all of my kids were little and under one roof with the exception of Jonathan/Christopher.  I was in a job that I Loved, I was in college getting ready to graduate.  My mom was alive and healthy and things were just great all around. 

Make sure you link back to me so I can read your Liebster Award answers
My nominations are:

Bridget @ Bridget Lives Free
Emily @ Small Stuff Counts
Jennifer @ Dish Washer Required
And here are your questions:
1)    How did you come up with your blog name?  Does it reflect you personally?
2)    Can you tell me 11 random facts about yourself?
3)    How long have you been blogging and what is the hardest part for you?
     4)    Did you hire a designer for your blog or use a template from the platform you use? 
     5)    What is your best memory as a kid and why?
6)    Do you like decorating? Give me one decorating tip that you think everyone should know.
7)    What is your best organizing tip? 
8)    Where do you live and what are the best features of your city?  What would make me want to come visit your state?
9)    Do you find that you follow bloggers and then forget about them?  How many do you currently follow”
10) Do you constantly take photos for your blog?  If so how do you decide which one to use?
11) Do you have sponsors?  Do you receive free stuff for reviews?  How did you get started?  Please tell us so we can all share and review free stuff.  If not have you contacted anyone to be a tester?

Can't wait to see your answers and for those of you who weren't nominated please feel free to join in and link back to me so that I can see your answers.  Anyone with less than 200 followers can join in.

Happy Blogging!!!!

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