Monday, May 11, 2015

Daughters First Mother's Day

Hello everyone and welcome back to the week.  Monday's are usually not our most favorite days but giving that yesterday was Mother's Day it isn't so bad.  I wanted to share what I did for my daughter's first Mother's Day.  Since her son isn't old enough to make anything or write or do anything other then just being plan cute, I decided this year I would do a homemade gift.

The above picture is just 1 of the things that I made her for Mother's Day.  I got the idea from Mique@thirtyhandmadedays.  Such a brilliant idea.  I don't remember how I came across her blog but I fell in love when I first landed on it.  She has tons of such cute ideas on there that you can make at home.  So I decided to go with this project here since it was so adorable.  Her's however only has about 5 or six in the jar but I wanted to do more than that.  I decided to do 2 dozen of these bad boys which is alot of cutting.  But she loved it.

The great big one in the middle I actually made as a 2 sider and all the others are just one sided.  I goofed when I printed the first one because I just assumed that it would be smaller.  Uh WROOOONNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!  You have to actually tell your program what size to print.  After realizing the mistake I then went in and selected the 4 x 7 print and that way I was able to do 2 per page.  Of course I printed one and then flipped the paper and fed it back into the printer for the second one.

So the basic supplies were a no brainer but the others was a little more tricky.  Here is the list:
Jar@Hobby Lobby
Heavy Weight Card Stock @Hobby Lobby
3-D Monkey Stickers @Hobby Lobby
Sock Monkey Ribbon @ Hobby Lobby (couldn't find on website)
Evergreen Colored Paint @Hobby Lobby
Glass Gems @ Michaels (already had these)
Lime Stripe Straws@Hobby Lobby

It really is an easy project to do and it shows that you really care because you have to cut each individual flower out after using PicMonkey to create them.  My hands were sore to say the least but it was from the heart.  You can rearrange them or put them into other places as well.  It is a versatile gift for sure.

Then I made her this gift which really tried my patience.  Because Walgreens screwed up the first photo.  I had a free 8 x 10 and I thought this would be good to use.  The photo when I picked it up was horrible.  They but off half the top and the bottom or Side however you look at it.  Instead I had to reprint it from home but at least it got printed and done like I wanted it to be.

Again, everything came from Hobby Lobby (I swear they are my new favorite place).  Thankfully I had some matte photo paper at home and was able to reprint it from home.  It just really upset me because the photo from Walgreens didn't work out.  I am certainly glad that I didn't have to pay for the original because I would not have been a very nice/happy customer.  Since he couldn't write or anything I took and painted the bottoms of his feet and then stood him on a piece of paper and wrote his name and the date under neath it and stuck it in a card.  That away she has several keepsakes for her first Mother's Day.  Next year will be different.

All in all it was a good day.  We lazied around while my daughter and the baby went to her Aunt's for breakfast/lunch and visited with her dads side of the family.  Then hubby and I went to dinner at Del Frisco's which I will be doing a post on in a little bit.

So again, Thank you Mique for your great tutorial on how to make the flowers.  They were a hit at the house and even though my hand hurt like no other it was well worth it.  Gifts from the heart are Priceless and more meaningful then something you can ever buy at a store.

So what do you think?  Do you agree or disagree that gifts from the heart are priceless?  What is your favorite homemade gift that you have received or given?  Do you still have it?  Let me know and be sure to leave a link to your blog and I will hop over and check it out.  Who knows you might have something I try next and write about.

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