Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Cinco De Mayo AVON Deal - OH MY!!!!!!

Now is the time to replenish your look.  Whether you are looking for a fresh face, cute accessories or pampered feet, AVON has you covered.  Check out these Amazing Deals that we have going on for you.  

For today only you can get Free Shipping on a $25 order by using code Cinco at checkout.  Wait, what if you want to order more then $25 on an order.  Well don't worry because AVON has something for you as well.  

Keep reading for more discount codes.

This 6 piece Dream Set is sure to please anyone.  It includes 4 full size products as well as our Amazing Bug Guard Wipes and the cutest Purse to carry it all in.  Where else can you get $48 worth of product for only $14.99?

Did you know that you are suppose to replace your Mascara every two - three months because it can get bacteria?  Alot of people keep using their mascara until way past the three month mark.  You could be causing yourself unnecessary pain with eye infections.  When in doubt, throw it out!  

What about lipstick?  Yes even that should be replaced within 6 months of opening it for it also can get bacteria on it.  

Foundation is another product that should be tossed after 6 months to a year.  The best way to preserve your foundation is by using a make-up brush, clean sponge or hands to apply it.  Be sure to keep your foundation in a place that is dry and not the bathroom.

Do you know the proper way to use a face treatment product?  If you are using a product that is specific for things such as wrinkles or spot correction to even skin-tone then you need to apply this product after washing your wash.  Let the product set in for 20 minutes before applying your moisturizer.  This will give the product enough time to absorb into your skin and start working.  This is recommended for the best results possible.

Additional Coupon Codes for AVON are as follows:
AVONFB20 - 20% off any order of $50
AVONFB75 - 20% off any order of $75
WELCOME - 20% off any order of $50
THANKYOU - 20% off any order of $50

For additional savings sign up for Ebates.com and check Retailmenot.com for additional coupon codes.

AVON believes in giving you the same or better quality products as other high end brands at a more affordable price.  The best part about AVON is that they will ship it to your door or anywhere else in the U.S. that you want it sent to.  We have a No Hassle Money Back Guarantee and we are known around the world.

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