Monday, May 04, 2015

Changing your Blog Template...How to Decide?

Hello and sorry for the bad graphic above.  I am so seriously confused at the moment I am not sure if I should say to hell with it or keep going.

I know that there is a lot of debate about what platform to use for blogging.  I have only blogged on blogger so I have no opinion on the other.  However, I do want to change my blog design and I don't have a clue on where to start.  I have found some that I like but then think that they are either too busy, too colorful, too unprofessional, too easy to pass by when surfing.  So my question is...How do you decide?

Seriously, I have no crafty or style bone in my body for me to even begin to know what to have on it or what I want.  I can tell you that I want something to catch your eye but not hurt your eyes, I want something that resembles me but not boring, I want something that is going to make you stop and say hi or stay all day.  So how do you figure all these things out for a design?

My SIL Kisha told me that I should just hire someone to design one for me but I don't know what I want and it is frustrating.  How can you hire someone if you don't have a clue on what you want in your design.  I know that I don't want the one I have any longer but I don't think that will give the designer a good enough answer.  I want something that has to do with coffee, computers, make up, life and yet is pretty and fun but elegant.

Do I have your head spinning now for sure?  Yeah I know mine is.  I want something that is navigational friendly, easy to use and can be rearranged if I want it to be.  If I hire someone to design it will I still be able to change things around?  What if I hire them and then decide that I don't like it but don't want to pay for any additional changes on the blog?

So here is my questions to all of you out there in blogland...How do you decide?  What made you pick the theme you have?  Did you pay for it or use a free template?  How do you justify the price for your blog?  Have you noticed an increase in traffic since you changed it?

I would really love to know what your thoughts are and see how you decided.  I have found several that I am posting below that I like but I am so confused.

Your opinion is greatly appreciated for it is hard to make such a huge decision.  I am trying to figure out which would be best for my blog since it isn't a defined style on my writing.  I write about everything from AVON to life happening to just linking up with others.

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