Thursday, April 30, 2015

Youth Today!!! #AtoZChallenge

Almost finished with the AtoZ CHallenge for April.  Yes I know I am a little behind but I am finishing it dang it.

Today I am wanting to give my perspective on our Youth.  Yes, you know those people who are 18 and below that think they are entitled.  Yes, you know those people that are 24 and below who also think they are entitled.  Now before you go getting upset let me clarify.  I am talking about the ones walking around here thinking they own everything or that everything is owed to them.  They walk around with their pants sagging to their knees, more gold on then the pawn shop has and no manners to be found.  Yet they want us old people to just hand everything that we have ever earned over to them because they want it.

When did it become ok for our youth to behave this way?  Where did we as parent fail?  I remember my mom telling me that she would knock me into next week if I did something that I wasn't supposed to.  I remember getting grounded and not being able to do anything.  Our parents had the control and so did our school system.  Where did these times go?  Why do we parents and school authorities have to bow down to the youth and let them walk all over us?

I am sorry, I know alot of people do not believe in whooping their children because they don't think that fosters a good relationship.  Excuse me, but I can promise you a good ole ass whooping never hurt anyone.  Trust me when I say this, if you whoop their asses when they did something wrong then chances are they won't do that again.  Seriously it is common knowledge that we old people learned this lesson when we were younger.

I just don't understand how our world became so messed up.  We have children carrying guns, rolls of cash that adults who work 40hrs a week don't have, jewelry, the top of the line electronics and gadgets, named brand high dollar purses, clothing and shoes.  Yet they have no respect for anyone or anything.  I know that the momma that was beating her son on the news for being in the riot has been an internet sensation and has been deemed a hero.  I have to agree!!!!!  In case you missed it, here it is again.

I whooped my kids ass when they were growing up and they have not been in any trouble with the law that simple respect and manners wouldn't handle.  They have been taught that you respect Authority of any type, whether it is a teacher, judge, police, elderly person or anyone that is older than them.  They know how to say, Yes Ma'am/Sir, No Ma'am/sir, Please and Thank You.  These are things that were taught to my children.  I have taught them the value of a dollar and that they don't get anything for free.  If they want it then they have to earn either by getting a job or doing chores.

So what do you think?  Do you think she was in the right or the wrong?  Do you wonder what happened to our youth?  What piece of advice would you give to new mothers in today's times?

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