Wednesday, April 29, 2015

♥♥♥Something to Make You smile!!!!! ♥♥♥

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  Today is usually when I join Joyce for her Wednesday Hodgepodge but she is taking a break this week.  So instead of the Hodgepodge I thought I would share with you something adorable.

This is a video that my daughter Victoria took of my grandson Christian singing along to the radio.  Now mind you he is only 9 months old but if something is on the radio that he doesn't like he will fuss.  If it is something he likes then he will sing along with it (make noises) or just sit in silence until it is over.  He has such the personality that it is hard to believe he is only 9 months old.

So she used a app on her phone called Snap Chat.  I have no clue what it is, how to use it or anything about it.  I tried to turn the video but it wouldn't let me so I apologize for the way it is playing but it was just way to cute not to share.

Hope you enjoy and have a great rest of the week.  It is almost over and then Friday will be here.  That is Derby Eve or Oaks Day here and it is going to be insane with the Kentucky Derby traffic.

Feel free to leave me a comment and your blog link so I can come over and see how your blog world is doing.

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