Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Something about the Hodgepodge

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Wednesday Hodgepodge.  The wonderful Joyce at FromThis Side of the Pond always puts together great things for us to talk about.  So if you have never joined in before then I suggest you click on either the link above or the picture and join in.  We are all here to help, support and learn from one another.

1. Have you ever had to wear a uniform? If yes, tell us more. Did you love it or hate it?
----- I have had to wear several uniforms from working in Fast Food and I am glad to say I don’t have to worry about that any longer.  I hated those uniforms. 

---- The Restoration Company I used to work for decided that everyone needed to wear a uniform but luckily it was just Khaki/Black Pants and a shirt with the company logo on it.  When they told us we were going to have to start wearing this attire we were not pleased.  Then the manager came in and gave us all an allowance and told us to go shopping.  The thing about this one is at least I got to wear clothes that were comfortable and as I got older appreciated not having to worry about what fit and what didn’t.

2. April 22nd is Earth Day. What is one thing you do personally to be a good steward of planet Earth?
----- I am going to go with Car Pooling.  After work I have to go about 45 minutes away and instead of meeting the person there they are going to come pick me up and we are going to ride together and then back to work to pick up my car. 

3. Brown rice, quinoa, or couscous...your healthy grain of choice? How often are one of the three on your menu at home?  Given a choice between white rice, brown rice, wild rice, and fried rice which would you go for? 
---- I am going to go with Brown rice even though we prefer white rice at my house.  I probably eat Brown Rice once a month.  Not very often on either really.  I do have some Quinoa at home but not sure what or how to make it.

4. In your opinion, who has the best job ever?
----- Disney Employees!!!!!!  I mean seriously you can dress up like a character, they have dance parties in the center of the square and get to meet people of all walks of life. 
----- Oh also Dolphin trainers.  I have always wanted to go swimming with them but I am extremely terrified of getting out in the water.

5. What's a situation in your life currently requiring patience? 
-----  What isn’t requiring patience in my life is a better question.  The newest thing is recruiting and training my team mates.  They all want to be better, more advanced, earn more, move up and get their own teams but they won’t respond to emails, won’t take the online classes that they need to take, and last but not least, won’t go out in the field with me to get the training or recruits that they need.

6.  Do you live your life around days of the week? Explain.
-----  NO!!!!  I Live my life by the seat of my pants or should I say around my kids, husband and AVON.   Yes I work fulltime but my employer is really understanding about all of them.  I am currently trying to win a Trip to Orlando for AVON and I need to recruit 6 people who place and pay for on time a $100 order.  I am meeting 1 today and 2 more this weekend.    Then I have another incentive that is going on so that means I will also be recruiting and putting them under my teammates so I can achieve the incentive.
7. In a nod to the A to Z challenge happening around town this month, what 'R word' best describes your April? 
-----Refreshing, Relaxing to a point and certainly revolving.  It is refreshing because of spring cleaning, relaxing because I have less clutter in my home and revolving because I am constantly learning, recruiting and moving.

coffee art photo: Monkey* Monkey.jpg
Here is a cup of coffee to make you smile while relaxing 

8. Insert your own random thought here.
----- The AtoZ Challenge has been just that some days and other days it has been pretty easy.  I have enjoyed it and love getting comments from other bloggers.  I even received a comment from a blogger correcting my writing on the word “rather” or “whether”.  She was sweet about it and I am glad that she said something because the last thing I am sure we all want is to look dumb on here. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and please be sure to leave a comment to let me know you were here and I am not alone in the Blog world along with your blog link.  I love finding new people to follow.  

****Disclaimer this looks normal on my screen.  Sorry if it is messed up on yours.*****

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