Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Smiling Wednesday #atozchallenge

Hello everyone and welcome back.  Yes today I am caught up on my AtoZ Challenge.  It has been hard to write about something everyday that begins with these letters.  It is fun though to see what everyone else comes up with.  So today I am using the title Smiling Wednesday because I came across some coffee pictures that made me smile.  So I hope you enjoy them.  They came from Photobucket and are totally free to download.

 photo CoffeeArt-Butterfly.jpg
I believe this is suppose to be a Butterfly which reminds me of my late daughter.  They always make me smile because when I see them I can see her clearly in my mind.                                

 photo CoffeeArt-4Musketeers.jpg
Then of course you have these.  I don't know who made them or how but it is so neat to see what people can do with a cup of coffee and a little imagination.  I could only hope to be that talented.

coffee art photo: Monkey* Monkey.jpg
Of Course I had to include this one because my Grandson is a little monkey butt.  His whole theme in his room is monkeys.  So this one certainly put a smile as well on my face today.                              

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