Monday, April 20, 2015

Quiet/Quit/Quite Confusion #atozchallenge

Yes I am finally caught up on this challenge.  Hopefully I will be able to get tomorrows done and scheduled for release on time.  Wooohoooooo!!!!!!

Do you ever get the words "Quite/Quit/Quite" confused?  I have to be honest and say YES I DO.  I know it is terrible to say but it is the truth.  I literally avoid using these words in anything that I write because I can never remember which word is spelled which way.  (hanging my head in shame) But wait, there is spell check, oh wait, it won't catch it because it only checks spelling not meaning.  Dang nabit.  Oh well, it was a thought.

Seriously though I hate to admit that this is one of the words that literally throws me off when I am writing.  I know I can do what I did for this topic and type all 3 in the bar at the top and hit enter and it will pull it up but seriously I don't usually do that.

So I am going to share what I found and I am sure alot of you out there already know this but for those of you that are like me and dread using this word here you go:

Quiet means "silence." Quit means "to leave." Quite means "very" or "actually."

I used to know how to spell them and the different ways to use them but every since my car accident and head injury 20 years ago I can't seem to remember.  I lost alot of memory due to that accident and still have issues with my memory to this day.  I tell my kids and husband things over and over and they have finally stopped telling me that I already told them and just nod at me and go on.  

Now you can see why I get so confused.  They are literally different meanings but are only 1 letter different.  OK, so the arrangement of the letters are also different but still all the same letters basically.  Now when I am talking I don't have a problem using them correctly, but writing them is another story.  

What about you?  Do you ever have problems with these words?  Do you avoid using them in fear of looking silly?  What other words do you have problems with?  There is one word that I say that is said the same in my mind but I know is spelled different and know how to and when to spell it correctly.  But the pronunciation of it is hard for me and that is the word "picture and pitcher".  

Now to just work on the correct sentence structure and proper placing of comma's, periods, run on's and so forth.  Re-learning how to write correctly.  

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