Sunday, April 19, 2015

O is for Opportunity #atozchallenge

Hello again.  Getting caught up with the challenge and if you would like to read some of the other blogs participating then you can click here.  Some of these letters I have to admit made me think really hard and has had me extremely stumped on alot of them.  But not this one!!!  This one was an easy choice for me to write about.

OPPORTUNITY is what I am sharing with you today.  I wanted to tell you about a company that is near and dear to my heart AVON.  It is the company for Women and a Few Good Men.  Yes you read that right Men.  Some of our top sellers are men and if you think about it then you would know why.

What woman doesn't like to be complimented by a man?  None that I can think of.  We all love to hear how pretty we are, how beautiful we look, how the clothes we are wearing make us stand out from the crowd and last but not least how good we smell.  I know I like to hear all of those compliments.  So if you think about it, Men really go make some great AVON Representatives.

But more importantly do you or someone you know need extra $$$$?  We could all use extra money in our lives.  You might need an additional income to help put your child in daycare, soccer, basketball, t-ball, cheerleading or ballerina school and still have money to pay bills and eat.  How about the money to cover medicines that your insurance doesn't cover?  Yes Ladies and Gentlemen AVON can be your answer.

I seen this on Facebook today and thought how appropriate is this?

AVON has a 100% money back guarantee and the best part don't have to drive to the store after buying it and stand in line to return it for something else that may or may not work for you.  Your AVON representative can take care of it for you.

More importantly than being convenient, it is AFFORDABLE!!!!!  We have make-up, skin care, clothing, jewelry, mens items, children's items, personal hygiene items, gifts and household items.  We have everything that the big stores have but at your fingertips.

Here is an extremely powerful video that I want you to watch and share with everyone you know,  There are so many more inspiring stories out there from my AVON company that you wouldn't imagine.  I shared one earlier on this post which is also extremely inspirational.

The cost to get started is only $15 and you get everything you need to start your business delivered right to your door by AVON.  So if you are ready to take the next step in your life then I invite you to join me and the other 1.6 Million Representatives world wide in making your Dreams Come True.  Click Here to get started on your path to financial freedom.  It isn't a get rich type of business or a pyramid scheme but it is a chance for you to get a second income, become financial free and stop worrying about where your next dollar or meal is going to come from.

With AVON I have been able to buy a New Car and make the payments.  Yes without AVON it would not have been possible.  (not a great picture of me)

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post and watching the videos that I referenced here.  Please leave me a comment and your blog link and I will be sure to hope ever and say hello.  Happy Blogging everyone.

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