Thursday, April 09, 2015

H is for Happy, Home and Health #atozchallenge

Hello everyone and welcome back to today's AtoZ Challenge.  If you haven't joined in yet I am sure it isn't too late, we are only on the letter "H".  Just click the image above and join in.  There is so much to read, learn and see with this challenge.  It really makes you think sometimes and then other times it is an easy post to publish.

Happy - what a wonderful thing to be.  Seriously when we are happy things seem to be so much better.  We feel better, life looks better, we feel more energized.  I am going to share a picture with you of a saying that my mom would say alot.  Till this day when I hear it I immediately think of her.

Home - it is truly where the heart is.  I don't care if you are living with friends, living with family or living by yourself.  If your heart is in it then it is Home.  Sometimes it is possible to have 2 homes.  I know this because no matter where my mom was living it was always home and yet my house was my home as well.  It was where we made lots of memories rather they were good or bad they were our memories.  Oh how I miss my mom and my daughter.

Healthy - is what I am trying to get better at.  I have started loosing weight for the first time in years I am below 215.  Although I am not where I want to be yet I am heading in the right direction.  I also smoke and I have decided that if I am really going to be healthier then I have to stop smoking.  You would think that with my mom dying of lung cancer that I would have stopped along time ago.  Truth is I tried and did for about a month but started back up.  Stresses do that to you.  So I am learning how to deal with them better, loose weight correctly, eat healthier (for the most part) and focus on me.

So what about you?  Where is home for you?  Are you truly happy? What are you doing to be healthier?  I would love to hear your answers.  Please be sure to subscribe on the right and leave me a comment below with your blog posted and I will be sure to check back with you and also comment on your blog as well.  After all this challenge is also about growing followers and meeting new people.  So please follow along, leave a comment and have an Amazing Thursday.

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