Wednesday, April 08, 2015

F is for Fun #atozchallenge

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  If you are following along with the above challenge then you know I am running behind by a day or so.  Sorry I am trying my hardest to catch up.  Which I should be after today.

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Fun - something we seem to forget in our daily lives.  We have to have fun, laugh often and love lots.  Without these things life is boring and mundane.  Not to mention it will help keep us moving and make us feel young.

Family - rather you are related or not you can still be a family.  I am pleased to say that I have a very loving family.  Although we might get mad at each other from time to time we always know that no matter what we are there for one another when it counts.

Friends - true friends are hard to come by but when you find them then you have to hold on to them.  I am blessed to say that I have several friends that I have known since I was in the 1st grade.  Even though we may not talk very often when we do it is like we never missed a beat.  I have to say though that I am very blessed to call a couple of specific, Sonye', Michelle and Lisa with AVON my friends.  We can talk about any and everything and not have to worry about offending the other.  With AVON we are more then just Representatives, WE ARE FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!!  We are all going to be going to Orlando in the end of August and will be spending several days there together.  So excited.

Would you love to be able to join us in Orlando for Free?  Contact me and I can tell you how.  I would love to show you what AVON can do for you.  Or you can just click this link to get started now and I will contact you within a few hours and share with you how you can earn a FREE TRIP as well.

Well that is all for this letter for today but be sure to stop back by and follow along as I explore the letter "G" next.  Thanks again for stopping by, leave a comment and your blog link and I will be sure to stop by and leave some bloglovin as well.

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