Tuesday, April 07, 2015

E is for Excitement #a-to-zchallenge

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping back by.  Today I am getting the letter "E" from Monday done.  I apologize but I am way behind on this but almost there.  So the goal of this A-to-Z Challenge is to get new followers, meet new bloggers and learn from one another.  So I am happy to be joining in on the fun.  So please be sure to click follow, leave a comment and hop on over to the challenge and join in.

Excitement - I have been super excited for a couple of weeks now because the company I love AVON is having a conference convention in Orlando Florida at the end of August and the first of September.  We can actually earn the trip for free which we have all been waiting for the final details to be released.  Today they were.  We can win the convention fees and the hotel stay for free not to mention all the other great incentives of free product and bonuses that we will be earning while working on this one as well.  I have the potential to earn over $2000 while working on this one trip.  Here is a picture of the hotel that we will be staying at.

Easter - this used to be one of my favorite holidays.  Waking up to candy from the Easter bunny and not really understanding the concept behind it.  Even though I know it is about Jesus rising from the dead I still feel that it has been a over commercialized just like Christmas.  My grandson isn't old enough to know about Easter yet so this year we got to escape that part of it.  But he did get his picture taken with the bunny :-)

Egglicious - have you ever tried Egg Beaters?  I never used them until I started my weight loss program in January and even then it took me until March to try them.  I have to say that I am impressed with them.  We had breakfast for dinner last night and I cooked regular eggs for the family and then the Egg Beaters for myself.  They were actually pretty good.  Alot better then the ones I bought before.  Have you ever used them?  What are some of your favorite ways to fix them?  I would love to hear some new ideas on them.  I am a plan ole boring pour them in the pan and get them cooked and cut up with fork and eat type person.  Would love to know how to not make them so bland.

Don't forget to leave a comment, follow me and join in on the fun.  We are all looking to grow in friends, audience and learn about each other.  Thanks again for stopping by and I will talk with all you fine folks later.

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