Monday, March 30, 2015

My Journey so Far on Weight Loss

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday.  The weekend is almost here and I am so excited even though the weather people are calling for extremely cold and possible snow.  Then again, I do love the snow.  Yes I know I am weird.

***First I want to note that these are my personal feelings about myself and I am not here to shame, judge or make anyone feel bad.  We are all different and we all think differently about ourselves.  This is my opinion of me and how I have changed over the years.****

So today I want to talk to you about my weight loss journey so far.  I was recently reminded of how heavy I was in a text message that I got from a mentor of mine.  She had sent me a photo of me last June and when I opened it I didn't realize who it was at first.  My first thought was oh I like that top and then it dawned on me.  IT WAS ME!!!!!  OMG I was horrified.  I had not realized how big I had gotten.  I am used to be smaller then what I am and was in the photo that I am going to be sharing with you today.  I used to stay around 140-150 lbs which was a nice look but still bigger then I wanted to be.

This is my lovely mom, my handsome brother and I on 3/31/05.  I was at a good weight here.  I was about 145-155 but a healthy weight.  I hate to use a wedding photo but it is one of the very few I have where I am actually the one being photographed.This is of my brothers in August 2009 after my mom and my daughter had passed.  As you can see I was starting to gain some weight but it wasn't that much so I didn't pay much attention and kept doing what I was doing.

So in October I stepped on the scale and it read 235lbs.  I started crying.  I did not realize that I had gained that much weight.  The last time I paid attention to the scale was at 195lbs.  But I should have known I was gaining weight because I kept going up in pant and shirt sizes.  I was tired and hurting all the time and just plain miserable.  Whenever I had to dress up for anything I was terrified because I couldn't ever find anything that fit or look right on me.  This was by far the heaviest I have ever been and I hated myself for letting me gain so much weight.
So right then and there I decided that I had to do something but what?  I didn't want to go on a diet and count calories, I didn't want to have to buy special foods or be restricted on what I could eat.  So I did the next logical thing for me.  I went from using a regular size dinner plate to a salad plate.  There doesn't look like a whole lot of difference but trust me there is.

I went from 235 to 223 from October to the 22nd of January.  That is  12lbs by just making that one little change.  Yes I still ate McDonald's, Wendy's and Arby's when I wanted to and thought nothing about it.  I started my YMCA Program on January 22nd and since then I have lost 10lbs by doing their program.  I could lose more if I actually exercised but I don't so I get what I get ya know.

Below is a good list to have when you are trying to loose weight.  Now mind you not everything is for everyone but it might just work for you.  I don't eat alot of seafood and I certainly don't drink Skim Milk but that is just a suggestion after all.

So what have you found to help you in your Journey?  I do keep a journal, I try to buy as much fat free as possible, I use a smaller plate and measure most things but not everything.

I have found that now when I eat a hamburger from a fast food place or anything that is deep fried in grease that is now gives me fits.  My stomach hurts beyond belief and I curse myself for it after I am done eating but sometimes you just have to have that hamburger or whatever it is that you are craving.

This isn't a diet it is a lifestyle change and I will be having more lifestyle changes come soon as well.  I have an appointment with my Doctor on Wednesday and I plan on talking to him about stop smoking.  So hopefully by the end of the year I will have reached my weight loss goal and stopped smoking all at the same time.

Wish me luck and let me know what it is your doing that has worked for you.  Maybe we can all learn something new from each other that might help the other.

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