Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Today is a day that we celebrate my big brother Kevin.  My brother Kevin a.k.a. My Honey Dear turns another year older.  Even though we don't get a chance to spend alot of time together I still wanted to send him a message and tell him that I Love Him and Miss Him everyday.

As we get older we have responsibilities that sometimes keeps us from being close as we once was.  But I wanted him to know that I was thinking of him this day and everyday and no matter what I Love Him.

He has taught me alot in my life on what to do in certain situations, what not to do in other situations and how to handle myself in every situation.  He taught me how to fight and even how to handle my temper at times and for that I am grateful.

So big brother I want you to spend your day celebrating this wonderful day in history that our mom brought you into this world and know that you are loved by many and looked up to.  We are going to have to get together more often when we aren't tired and wore out from working.

I pray that your day is and will continue to be filled with alot of Love, Laughter and Many Many Blessings.  Here is to you my brother may it be all you wanted and more.

Love always,
your sissy

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