Wednesday, January 07, 2015

New Year New Things NOT RESOLUTIONS!!!!!!

Hello everyone and welcome to another New Year!!!!!  I have been doing alot of searching on the internet to get me ideas on how to get better organized, healthier, in shape, new gadgets and man oh man is there alot out there.

I know that every year people make Resolutions and within the first month usually they give up on them.  Well I learned along time ago not to do that...Make Resolutions that is.  I don't want to set myself up for failure but then again if you don't make a plan then you are planning to fail anyway right!?

This year it is different.  I still didn't make a resolution but I did make myself a promise.  As I am sure alot of you have as well but lets keep each other accountable and see how we did at the end of the year.

I know that most people always make the same resolution of getting in shape, eating healthier and being more aware of others.  Well I can't say that I am any different at all but in a way I am alot different.  You see I know what I have to do and I have known for a long while.  I have even dabbled in it here and there but honestly never gave much effort to what I wanted to achieve.  UNTIL NOW!!!!!

I realized awhile back that I was always tired, hurt everywhere, absolutely had little to no interest in all the things that I used to love.  Like hiking, photography and even cuddling up on the couch and reading my favorite author #DEAN KOONTZ.  If you have never read one of his books then I highly recommend that you start out with his #ODD THOMAS SERIES.  Absolutely love this series and I have approximately 61 books of his and have read about 30 of them.
Color  Sorry, I can't help but to ramble when it comes to this author.   Anyway, back to where I was going with all of this.

I was at my heaviest weight at 220 back in the early 90's and swore I would never get that big again.  I lost alot of weight and went from a 22 to a 12 and stayed there for a short (real short) while.  But I never went above a 16 for many many years until 2008.  Man what a horrible year that was.  If you have read my blog before then you know that 2008 was the year that changed my life forever and not in a good way.  For those that haven't, long story short, my mom died of lung cancer in April, my son moved to his dad so I could take care of mom full time until her death and my oldest daughter (mother of 2) that was 19 died in a motorcycle accident in October the same year, the dad took the kids and I haven't seen them since.  It was horrible plan and simple.

I was still at a size 16 but quickly spiraled upward.  In October/November of 2014 I was on the verge of a 24/26 pants, hurt all over and just absolutely miserable.  Enough was enough and I was going to make a change.  I didn't dive in feet first but instead decided to make small changes at a time.  Well since November I have lost 8lbs.  Yes I went from 232 to 224, NO I am not proud of that number but I am proud that I have managed to lose 8lbs through the holidays.

I am not an extremely active person at all.  I used to be but not so much now.  I think it helped when I had someone that loved to travel, go hiking and just go for a walk.  My husband doesn't like much of any of that so I don't get to do it much.
I was looking through my AVON site the other day and noticed that I had earned Reward Points.  Awesome right.  So when I started looking at the things that I could get I came across the #FITBIT and thought "what the hell, I am not coming out of pocket for it, so why not?"  Needless to say I ordered it.  I got it yesterday and have been playing with it every since.  You can also get it by clicking the link below as well.  The one I have is the one in Orange and it is called the Flex.  As you can see there are a variety of ones to choose from but either way I think you will be pleased with it.

Shop Amazon - New Year, New You Event

I can log everything from either my phone or my computer.  I know that there are alot of people out there that is using this product and I would love to see how you feel about it.  So if you can answer any of these questions please feel free to leave me a message and who knows maybe we can connect through the Fitbit Community.  There are alot of communities on Facebook that you can even join in on and get motivated on constantly moving, eating right such as the 21 Day Fix Challenge.

Do you own one?
Which one do you own?
What has been the best part for you?
Do you find it helpful?
Are you tracking your meals like you should?
Are you more aware of how active you really are even when you don't feel it?

I have been logging all of my meals, noticing that I am making a more conscious effort to watch the food I eat and even drinking my water.  Not to mention you get to log your workouts as well and it is WATERPROOF!!!!!

Speaking of 21 Day Fix , have any of you tried this?  I have had it for several months and never tried it.  I did get the containers out, washed them, labeled them, put peanuts in one and that is it.  Pitiful and pathetic I know.  But it is the truth.  Hell I am still doing research on various meals that I can use for this program and man oh man is there tons of them out there.  It could take me years to get this all together if I wait to start it then it will be too late.
Shop Amazon - New Year, New You Event

I know there are alot of different programs out there and there certainly isn't a one size fits all but what the hell.  I will try it.  After all I have joined the YMCA so that I can get exercise in since I don't have room at my house to do the DVD.

If you have tried it I would love to hear from you and see how you managed to incorporate this into your life.  I am still working on that part but I will get there and it will be soon.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and accomplish all that you set out to do.  I recommend setting small goals within larger goals so you have something to measure them again.  Remember, just because something works for one person doesn't mean that it will work for everyone.  We are all different for a reason.  Embrace it.

I would love to hear from you and get insight and feed back.  I will be posting once a month about my progress even though it says "21 Day" I know it isn't realistic for me to lose 94 lbs in a month.  This will be a year goal but right now I am celebrating all the 10lbs markers.

***the opions and recommendations are mine and only mine.  I am not getting paid or compensated in anyway to talk about or promote the above products.  The 21 Day Fix and the Fitbit products are both independent of each other and meant as a tool to help and assist.  They are not a answertoall product.  Before beginning any exercise or diet routine please consult your doctor to make sure you are medically able to do so.***
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