Friday, January 02, 2015

♥♥Friday Letters♥♥

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of Friday Letters.  I know it has been awhile since I have posted and I truly apologize for that.  Things are always crazy around the holidays and life in general has been extremely crazy lately.

But I wanted to take this time to get out my letters for today since it has slowed down at work today.  (shhhhh don't tell the boss).

Dear God,  Thank you for another unpromised day.  I look forward everyday to seeing my loved ones and waking up to my precious adorable loving grandson who has discovered how to make spit bubbles and laugh out loud.

Dear Trent,  Thank you for being patient and letting me find things my way.  I know that I am not the easiest person to deal with but you do it with grace.  I Love You.

Dear Victoria, You are an amazing mother.  I know things aren't always easy and they can seem overwhelming at times but remember we mothers have all been there, done that and have the t-shirt.  You are not alone and I am here to help anyway that I can.

Dear Brandon,  I am sorry that things at your job are going the way that they are but you are making the right decision.  Just know that I Love You and I am always in your corner.  Even if you are snappy at me when I knock on your door to tell you dinner is ready.

Dear Kevin and Marie,  I am glad to see that things are starting to turn around.  I know you are so relieved that you are both back to work.  I also wanted to let you know that I put a button for your site on my webpage.  Can't guarantee orders but will do what I can to help out.  Love you guys.

Dear Scott and Kisha,  it was great seeing you all at Christmas.  I hate that you all live so far away but at least we get to talk alot even if we only manage to see each other 2 times a year.  More if you all get a chance to stop in during picking up and dropping off the kids.  Keeping you both in my prayers that you will be able to get the issue resolved and soon.  Love and miss you guys.

Dear Christian,  Can I just say how darn adorable you are?  You certainly bring alot of love and laughter into our house.  We are so blessed that God gave us such a perfect and sweet angel.  I love waking up and seeing my pumpkin first thing in the morning.    But seriously who wouldn't just love this little fella, look at this seriously adorable face.

Dear Laura, thank you for holding Christmas Dinner at your house this year.  Your kids are adorable and we really enjoyed ourselves.  Even though we had to drive across the bridge and back through the rain and construction.  It was great to see you at the holidays and spend some time with you guys.  Love your house.

Dear Zane,  I am so sorry that things are the way they are.  You are in our prayers and we are keeping our fingers crossed that you are going to be done with all of this soon.  I am not going to put it out here for the world to see but I want you to know that your Aunt Trina is thinking about you and wishing you nothing but the best.  Hope you get to come home and live with your daddy soon.

Dear Nikki,  I am certainly glad that you have stopped blowing up my phone with the craziness that you have in your head.  Please forget my number.  Thank you bunches :-)

Dear Chris,  I really wish that things would have been different between us.  I have waited a long time to be a part of your life and I knew it could have went one or two ways but this isn't what I expected.  I pray for you every night.  No matter what I will always Love You.

Dear KayLee and Aadyn,  I miss you so much.  Everyday that goes by I think of you both.  I wonder what your doing, how your doing, what you like doing or not doing, if you are happy, sad, healthy, hurt, scared, lonely and everything else under the sun.  I so wish that your Momma was raising you both but she is watching down from the Heavens on you both.  I just pray that you all get to see each other since your grandpa and grandma Sue get to see you all.  Hopefully you all are around each other and know each other.  It breaks my heart that you can't be together with me, aunt Vicky and uncle Brandon like you were before you were taken away.

Dear Mom and Heather, We Love and Miss You both tremendously everyday.  I so wish that you both were still here living with us instead of being in Heaven watching down on all of us.  There isn't a day that goes by that we aren't quoting you both on something or another.  You both have touched so many lives in ways that you would never have imagined.  It has been 6 years almost 7 that you both left us and your friends still check in on us. I wish I could call you, talk to you, hold you, tell you I love you one more time.  I begged to change places with you and for GOD to take me instead but he wanted the best and that was the both of you.

Well I guess I will close on that line but I hope you all have a wonderful and great weekend.

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