Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Life Lost Way Too Soon!!!! R.I.P. Christina We Will Miss You!

Some of you may know that I have lost a child when she was 19 and a mother of 2.  She was the center of attention and the first grandbaby of 12 grandchildren.  She was a friend, a sister, a mother, a helpful, all around kind and loving person.  This is a picture of her and my cousin Christina when my cousin got married.  They were both pregnant and doing a baby bump photo.  (please leave the comment about a white wedding dress and being pregnant at the door, I don't want or need to hear it.)

Well today I found out that I have also lost a cousin who is in her early 30's and a mother of 2 boys.  Even though her mother and I haven't spoken in a year my heart is breaking for her right now.  I just got a call that she was hit and killed.  The guy was backing out of his driveway and didn't see her.  Here is the link "Pedestrian Killed" to the article.  Although they are not releasing many details it has been confirmed by a mutual friend that it is my sweet baby cousin.   Just a couple of years ago they buried her daddy.  This is a photo she created when her mom and dad renewed their vows before he passed.  The caption on this is so true.  She was daddy's girl and now they are together forever in Heaven.

My heart is aching for her children, her mom, her grandmother and the rest of our family.  She was so full of life and always made people laugh.  If something was wrong and you needed help she was always there to help.  She always had your back no matter the situation and valued family above all else.  This world is a little darker today for this loss.

God has gained another angel in the sky to watch over us.  She is now with her daddy, grandpaw, my mom and my daughter in Heaven.

Dear God in Heaven, please watch out for Christina's family, give them comfort and wrap your arms around them and keep them safe.  Let them feel your love and know that Christina is with you watching over us all.  May they turn to you in their time of despair and know that they are never alone for you are with them always.  May the boys be comforted in the fact that their mother loved them above all else and will be watching them from Heaven.  May her mother and grandmother know that even though they had differences she loved her more then she ever admitted. Dear God, please give the family peace and love during this difficult time.  I pray for the person who was driving the vehicle and his family.  I know that they will never be the same.  I also pray for the people who witnessed this horrible tragedy for they will have a hard road for a while after witnessing this horrible scene.

Mary Alice, even though we haven't talked in a year I am truly sorry for you and the family.  I know all too well what you are going through and my prayers are with you all.

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