Friday, October 03, 2014

If I Won The Lottery with Blogtober14

So I am joining up with Helen over at Helen In Between Taylor over at The Daily Tay for October Blog Every Day event.  So Please stop by one of their links or both and join in on the fun.  Don’t forget to visit other bloggers and leave some blog loving.

So for the first day of October (yes I am behind) the prompt is:  “If I Won the Lottery, I’d” and then fill in the blank.  Wow the things running through my mind on this one.

First I would change my name, then Change my phone number, and hire an attorney.  After that I would pay off all of my debt and start buying stock in Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and put the rest divided up by CD’s, various stocks, Savings Accounts and bank accounts.  After all the banks can only insure so much. 

I would go on to start a 501 fund in my late daughters name for single mothers and orphaned children.   Start a charity for our Veterans because they have sacrificed so much for our freedom and it would be nice to be able to give back something to them for that service.

After all of the above I would go traveling.  I want to see Paris, Rome, Venice, all of the United States which is only about 17 or so states and have a custom built house in Colorado, California, Florida and North Carolina. 

I would also set up a trust for all of my Grandchildren and buy my kids a new home that I would make them pay rent on because they need to learn responsibility.

I don’t play the lottery often because my husband buys the tickets.  The one time that I did buy tickets a lot, I bought one that had all 6 numbers that were drawn, but they were all on different lines.  I was made as a wet hen and vowed to never buy a ticket again.  But let’s face it when the lottery was up to 400 Millions I had to buy one.  Actually my whole work bought $250 worth of quick picks and we only won $3 in free tickets.  Talking about upset. 

So that is what I would do if I Won the Lottery.  How about you?  What Would you do? 

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