Monday, October 06, 2014

#Blogtober14 Day 3....One Thing I Can't Live Without

Hello everyone and welcome back to another day of #Blogtober14 with Helene@heleneinbetween and Taylor @ The Daily Tay.  There are no rules but they would appreciate it if you did link up with them.  Each day there is a link up at the bottom of the daily post.  So sit back, relax and join in on the fun.

So today's (October 3) prompt is "One Thing You Can't Live Without"...

Besides the obvious of family and friends, this one is kind of hard for me because I have several things.  But if I had to choose it would have to be Music.  Now this may be shocking to some of you because I am a die hard coffee drinker.  Yes I mean die hard because I drink it morning, noon and night.  Hell I have a cup of coffee on me most all the time except when I am sleeping.  I am not sure why I drink coffee so much because it sure don't keep me awake.  I think I have become immune to it.

Anyway, totally off track there.  The one thing I would pick would be Music.  I have to have it on when I am driving, when I am working out or somewhere in the back ground when I am at work.  It drives me crazy to have to sit in silence and let my mind just run crazy.  The silence gives me way to much time to think and the thoughts are random, jumbled and so out of order.  I don't think that the music really makes them organized, unjumbled or in order but it sure does let me have a blank mind and totally focus on the task at hand.

I do love the 80's music because it is more up beat and personal which I guess is why I am stuck in the 80's which isn't surprising if you knew me personally.  I mean seriously I have the exact same hairstyle that I had in the 80's and the only difference is that there is a little grey in

But yes I love music rather it be hip hop, classical, country, rock, hard rock or rap.  I love music.  I want to turn on the radio and blare the speakers just so I can dance around the house and clean because it makes me feel good and makes me move but at the same time keeps me focused on the task at hand.

So what about you, what is your favorite kind of music?  That One thing you CAN'T live without?  I would love to hear from you all.  Don't forget to leave a comment and let me know you stopped by.

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