Sunday, September 07, 2014

Restaurant Review & Greatest Breakfast Ever

Today I am doing a review on this Restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ.  Yes I know I live in Kentucky and I so wish we had one of these here!!!!!!!

My husband and I went on a business trip to Scottsdale and we stayed at the Hyatt Resort (fyi, don't waste your money) for 4 days.  It was certainly not worth paying for in my opinion and honestly, I didn't pay for it.  It was my company's annual convention and it was my year to go.  So we packed up and off we went.

I am sorry but going from a hot humid climate to a oven roasting climate was not my idea to do in the middle of June.  The temperature was extremely hot and the A/C was a joke in the hotel room and the car.

Sorry got off  So anyway, we found this restaurant where we could go and have a good breakfast every morning which the staff recommended.  I am so happy that they did.  This place was amazing.  Every morning we were up, dressed and standing outside waiting for them to open.  That is how incredible amazing their food is.

The inside was nice looking and really clean and comfortable considering how hot it was outside.

The best part for hubby was that they had FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE.  OMG it made me want to run home and buy a juicer to make our own.  I love oranges anyway but these oranges that they used was the best I have ever had.

The staff was great.  Fast to get us seated and get our drinks out to us.  I of course had coffee as usual and hubby had O.J. and a cup of coffee.  Then we started looking at the menu.  I didn't have a clue what I wanted so hubby decided for me.  I mean after all he ALWAYS places my order when we go out to eat.  He just knows me that well I guess...hmmm maybe I should change my order once.

They had everything from Pancakes (obviously) to waffles, omelets and Skillets.  Oh the Skillets....YUMMMMMMMMM is all I can say about them.  My husband picked the right one for me that is for sure.  They have their skillets listed as Acronyms so I got the HMOP (ham, mushroom, onion, peppers) with my coffee.  It was fantfreakingtastic ok I mean FANFREAKINGTASTIC.  I didn't want to leave because I wanted to have one of these everyday for breakfast.  I don't remember what hubby got because I was too busy enjoying the wonderful taste of my own breakfast.

So when we got home I told him he had to make this for me every Saturday morning.  I would of loved to have it every morning but I don't normally eat before work so Saturdays it was.  The recipe is as simple as it sounds but I wanted to share all the ingredients and the final product for you to see for yourself.

So you need the following:
2-3 Eggs (depends on how hungry you are)
Ham chunks
Green Peppers and Onion
Hash Browns
Shredded Cheese

So you cook your hash browns, green peppers, onions and mushrooms together and when they are done you add the shredded cheese and the eggs on top of that.  Serve with toast and either a cup of O.J. or coffee (pssst its ok to have both drinks wink wink).

This is the homemade finished version of this wonderful delicious breakfast.  Only in this one hubby made homemade potatoes to go with it since we were out of hash browns.  Either Way it was still delicious.  Honestly, you can even have this for lunch or dinner.  Whenever the mood strikes you for these ingredients you can just grab a skillet and start cooking.

So I highly recommend Butters Pancake & Cafe in Scottsdale, AZ if you are planning a visit.  You can find their information Here and as you can see from the menu it isn't a bad price.  I was expecting it to be higher than it was but nope, it was extremely reasonable and beyond delicious.

I would love to know if any of you have ever been there and what your thoughts are on the place.  They have 4.6 stars on google which doesn't surprise me one bit.  I mean seriously if I could open one of these up here I would in a heart beat.

So I hope you enjoyed this other wonderful dish I have shared with you and if you have tried it or something like it I would love to hear your feed back.