Friday, September 19, 2014

☺Friday Letters☺

Happy Friday Everyone

Hello everyone and Happy Happy Friday!!!!!  I hope your day is great and your weekend is even better.  Today I am doing another episode of Friday Letters.  So please feel free to leave a comment, question or follow.  I would really appreciate it.

Dear God, Thank You for another day with my friends and family.  Even though I wonder what your plan is for me I know that in time you will reveal it to me.  So until then I have to sit back and let you take control.

Dear Mom,  I miss you everyday and you are always in my thoughts.  You were my best friend, the glue that held this family together, the psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, nurse, Greatest Nana in the world, listener when needed, truth when we didn't want to hear it, and above all you were loving, caring and always our biggest cheerleader.  I love you and miss you greatly.  But I know you are in Heaven with God and Heather and you are all watching down on us.

Dear Heather, where to begin with you?  You were so beautiful, loving, caring, devoted to your family and children, best friend, sister, aunt, niece.  You are so missed and loved even though it is almost 6 years that you joined your Nana in Heaven.  Not a day goes by that you are not thought of or mentioned.

Dear Kaylee and Aadyn, I just want you to know that no matter what that I love you both and miss you both terribly.  I just hope that one day your father will allow me to be a part of your life.  I have so much to share and tell you about your mom.  How much she loved you, wanted you, cherished you and absolutely adored you.  She wanted you to be a part of everyone's family and know that you were loved by many.  I know she is watching down on you both from Heaven with your Granny Grump.  I want to give you hugs and kisses.  ♥♥♥

Dear Victoria, you are such a great mommie and I am so amazed to see how you are with your baby.  He is so adorable and such a good baby.  Everyday I watch you grow more and more into an incredible woman and mom.  I am proud to call you my daughter.  You are doing what you need to do to take care of you and the baby and for that I couldn't be more proud.  You DESERVE the BEST that life has to offer.  Only you can give that to yourself and no one else.  Don't every let anyone bring you down, tell you what to do or invalidate you in any way!!!!

Dear Brandon, I can't believe that you are now 20 years old.  Man where has the time gone.  I have to say that you survived growing up in a house full of women.  I think you are a better man for it.  You are sensitive, compassionate (unless I ask you to take out the garbage), considerate and an overall well rounded individual.  You are a hard worker and you respect women.  Something that I am very proud to say and something that I don't have to worry about with you.  You deserve the best and I know you are going to accomplish great things in life.  I am honored to have you as my son.

Dear Chris, I was so shocked to see you on the news not long ago helping that woman who had been held captive.  You have grown up into a very handsome man and I know you can do great things in life.  I wish we were closer but only time will tell.  I have always loved you and think of you daily.  You are my son and I will ALWAYS Love You.

Dear Kisha and Scott, I really wish you guys lived closer.  I miss you both and hope that you all are having great weather down there.  Hope to get to see you both at Thanksgiving or Christmas. hugs and kisses.

Dear Kevin and Marie, I wish we were closer also.  Even though we are only about 15 or so miles away with our work schedules it seems we never get to see each other or talk that much anymore for that matter.  I miss our daily conversations about absolutely nothing.

Dear Avon Family, Thank you for being so supportive and helpful.  We are one big team even if we aren't all in the same team.  Huge shout out to my Upline and both the DM's that work with me.  You will never know how truly grateful I am.

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