Friday, September 05, 2014

Celebrity Crushes and Childhood Loves (Blog Everyday In Sept)

Hello and welcome to day 4 of Blog Everyday in September.  I apologize for it has been crazy busy at work and with my Avon Business.  So I am playing catch up.

The Rules are simple!!!!  Blog everyday in September (weekdays), include the above button, mention the challenge in your blog or use #blogeverydayinsept and then visit and comment on other bloggers.  However, you must play nice.  We all want to grow our blogs and followers and get to know new people.

So jump on over to Whitney's Blog @ Love Letters & Lists and jump on in with us and meet new friends.  Learn new things and just have fun.

Today's challenge question is:  Who were your celebrity crushes from your childhood?  (yeah I know you guessed that from the

Hmmm, well there isn't enough room to post all of the pictures so I will just pick a couple.  I am sure someone in this challenge will know who these are.

Bo Duke is I believe every girls crush, Richard Greico is a badboy/undercover cop along with Johnny Depp.  Then you have the cute Ricky Schroeder with that perfect smile and blue eyes.  However my favorite three are at the bottom.  Jon Bon Jovi, OMG what can I say about this man.  He is the total package.  He makes me melt just listening to his name.  sighhhhhh.  Then you have Steve Perry from Journey, he was a cutie even though age has not been kind to him.  Then the ultimate bad boy..Matt Dillion.  Yes ladies that is actually him.  Again, age hasn't been the nicest to him but he still looks nice.

My wall was plastered with these guys and alot of other rock bands but none that I would say were note worthy of making my heart skip a beat.

So these were my top 7 heart throbs.  So jump on in and join in on the fun with us.  Be sure to leave a comment and then hope over to Whitney's Blog and say hi to some fellow bloggers.  Don't forget to link up so you can see what else is going on out there.