Monday, September 22, 2014

What Influences Me in the BLogging World????? #blogeverydayinsept

So as some of you may know that I am doing the #blogeverydayinsept challenge that was started by Whitney@Love Letters & List and I have to say that this seems harder then it really is.  I guess that is because I work fulltime and then do Avon fulltime after work as well.  You would think I would know alot of this right off the top of my head but I don't :-( sadly enough.  So the question for this one is : What are the first 3 blogs I remember ready and do they influence my style?

Well to be honest I don't remember the first 3 blogs that I read.  So I can honestly say that they don't influence my style at all.  What I can say is this:

My sister-in-law Kisha got me started in blogging and I am no where near her style.  However, I would like to learn to make money with my blogging.  I know it will take some time but I am determined to get my blog out there in the blogasphere and get noticed.

My style is still kind of undefined.  I blog about everything and anything in between.  I love to blog about my AVON business and how it has helped me with paying bills and for giving me the opportunity to buy a new car without struggling on where I am going to get the money to pay for it.

I blog about family, love, loss, depression, different news articles that catch my attention and life.

So Kisha's is a blog that I am on alot just because we live so far apart and I want to see what is going on with her and my brother.

The other blogs that I like are I ♥ Organizing and From This Side of the Pond.  It isn't that their blogs inspire me but I feel that I can really relate to alot of what is on their blogs.

Hopefully soon I will find my niche' with blogging and begin to have a more defined style.

Until then please leave a comment and share the love.
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♫If I could only choose 1 book, movie or song...what shall it be? ♫ #blogeverydayinsept

Welcome to another day of #blogeverydayinsept from Whitney@loveletters&list.  The only rule is that you blog everyday in September (Which I am currently behind on), you use the #blogeverydayinsept in your post rather it be a tag or whatever and you include the button.  You also have to visit other bloggers and leave some bloggin love by commenting.

So the question is: if I could only choose 1 book, movie or song what would it be?  Hmmm this is a hard one because the only books I read is by Dean Koontz, as for music I listen to a little bit of everything but I guess I would go with

Seriously you try to listen to it and not dance around.  I love this song.  It is so happy and upbeat that you can't help but to be happy and dance to it.  Seriously, go ahead and click on it and you will see what I mean.  Love Love Love this song.  As for movies well that is another hard one but I would have to pick this one:

Again it is another one that you just can't sit still while listening to it.  At least you are going to sing along with  Yes I know I am stuck in the 80's but that is the era that really knew how to focus on feel good, motivation, and get up off your ass and move era.

I would love to know what your pics would be.  Don't forget to share the love and leave a comment or click follow to see what else is coming up.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

☺Friday Letters☺

Happy Friday Everyone

Hello everyone and Happy Happy Friday!!!!!  I hope your day is great and your weekend is even better.  Today I am doing another episode of Friday Letters.  So please feel free to leave a comment, question or follow.  I would really appreciate it.

Dear God, Thank You for another day with my friends and family.  Even though I wonder what your plan is for me I know that in time you will reveal it to me.  So until then I have to sit back and let you take control.

Dear Mom,  I miss you everyday and you are always in my thoughts.  You were my best friend, the glue that held this family together, the psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, nurse, Greatest Nana in the world, listener when needed, truth when we didn't want to hear it, and above all you were loving, caring and always our biggest cheerleader.  I love you and miss you greatly.  But I know you are in Heaven with God and Heather and you are all watching down on us.

Dear Heather, where to begin with you?  You were so beautiful, loving, caring, devoted to your family and children, best friend, sister, aunt, niece.  You are so missed and loved even though it is almost 6 years that you joined your Nana in Heaven.  Not a day goes by that you are not thought of or mentioned.

Dear Kaylee and Aadyn, I just want you to know that no matter what that I love you both and miss you both terribly.  I just hope that one day your father will allow me to be a part of your life.  I have so much to share and tell you about your mom.  How much she loved you, wanted you, cherished you and absolutely adored you.  She wanted you to be a part of everyone's family and know that you were loved by many.  I know she is watching down on you both from Heaven with your Granny Grump.  I want to give you hugs and kisses.  ♥♥♥

Dear Victoria, you are such a great mommie and I am so amazed to see how you are with your baby.  He is so adorable and such a good baby.  Everyday I watch you grow more and more into an incredible woman and mom.  I am proud to call you my daughter.  You are doing what you need to do to take care of you and the baby and for that I couldn't be more proud.  You DESERVE the BEST that life has to offer.  Only you can give that to yourself and no one else.  Don't every let anyone bring you down, tell you what to do or invalidate you in any way!!!!

Dear Brandon, I can't believe that you are now 20 years old.  Man where has the time gone.  I have to say that you survived growing up in a house full of women.  I think you are a better man for it.  You are sensitive, compassionate (unless I ask you to take out the garbage), considerate and an overall well rounded individual.  You are a hard worker and you respect women.  Something that I am very proud to say and something that I don't have to worry about with you.  You deserve the best and I know you are going to accomplish great things in life.  I am honored to have you as my son.

Dear Chris, I was so shocked to see you on the news not long ago helping that woman who had been held captive.  You have grown up into a very handsome man and I know you can do great things in life.  I wish we were closer but only time will tell.  I have always loved you and think of you daily.  You are my son and I will ALWAYS Love You.

Dear Kisha and Scott, I really wish you guys lived closer.  I miss you both and hope that you all are having great weather down there.  Hope to get to see you both at Thanksgiving or Christmas. hugs and kisses.

Dear Kevin and Marie, I wish we were closer also.  Even though we are only about 15 or so miles away with our work schedules it seems we never get to see each other or talk that much anymore for that matter.  I miss our daily conversations about absolutely nothing.

Dear Avon Family, Thank you for being so supportive and helpful.  We are one big team even if we aren't all in the same team.  Huge shout out to my Upline and both the DM's that work with me.  You will never know how truly grateful I am.

Dear blogger friends, thank you for stopping by and visiting me.  Please leave a comment and make sure to follow me so you don't miss any great new offers that I post and be on the watch for a giveaway coming soon.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

♥My Best and Worst Birthday Memories♥ #blogeverydayinsept

So if you have been following along you know that I am trying to catchup on the #Blogeverydayinsept Challenge that Whitney @ Love Letters & Lists started to get everyone back into the blog world and awake again.  The only rules is that you have to post everyday (guilty of not doing that) and comment on other bloggers.

So needless to say I am about 8 days behind but hope to get somewhat caught up by tomorrow.  So for Sept 10 it is for us to Describe your best and worst birthday memories. we go....

I would have to say that one of my Best birthday memories is when my momma made me a dress for my Birthday Dinner.  I was dating a guy that wanted to take me to this really nice and really expensive place for dinner but I didn't have anything to wear that would be appropriate.  So my mom got out her sewing machine and went to town.  I had no clue what she was doing.  Didn't even think to ask who she was making it for.  Not that she would have told me anyway.

As you can see it is pretty nice.  They even have a piano player there and they all stand by and wait on you which is just amazing.  If your glass is sweating then they will come over and wipe it for you.  Seriously the fanciest place I had ever been to at that time.

I remember after the date my mom was all nervous as to if I knew what fork to use when, how to use my napkin and so forth which I thought was hilarious.  Like I didn't know how to have manners out in public.

But then the evening turned bad because afterwards we went to a club that I went to on the weekends alot and this witch decided she was going to walk up behind me and shove me into a another group of women and caused me to spill my drink.  Lets just say that even though I had on a dress and hills, I broke out the redneck in me and went after her.  However, I didn't manage to get my hands on her because my date grabbed me and carried me out the door.

Even though the night started out great with a fancy dinner and a dress it ended with me wanting to get into a fight and ultimately having a cow because I couldn't go back after her after I got home.  I guess I could have but at that point I had already had a drink and I don't believe in drinking and driving so I just stayed home and did alot of deep breathing because I was still so upset over it all.

Don't forget to share your stories and leave a comment below.  I would love to hear what yours was.

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Emotional Movies and Shows #blogeverydayinsept

So for today's challenge Whitney @ Love Lace and Lists asked what Top 5 Times You've Cried at TV/Movies?  Wow this one is a hard one.  It just depends on the day on if I am going to cry or not.  But thinking back I can name a few.  But that is seriously thinking hard on these except for 1 of course.

So I hope you enjoy reading and don't forget to leave some blog loving and comments.  Look forward to meeting new bloggers and veteran bloggers alike.

1.) The Notebook - this is the most amazing movie.  I loved it but it was especially hard for me to watch because just a month or so before hand my mom passed away.  So after it was over I looked at my friend and said "That was the worst best movie I have ever seen in my life, I won't ever watch it again".  He started laughing at me.  It was the worst because I was balling like a baby but it was the best because it was pure love.

2.) Dirty Dancing - seriously who hasn't cried at that movie a time or two.  I love me some Patrick Swayze.  That man was sexy as could be.  The world will not be the same without him.

3.) Castle - there are way to many for me to even begin to mention.
4.) Walk to Remember - that was just sad period
5.) The Blind Side - I still don't know why I cried at that movie but it touched me that is for sure.

So those are my top 5 times I have cried at T.V. or Movies.  What about you?  What are your top 5?  Join in on the fun and don't forget to leave a comment and thanks for stopping by.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

190th Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hello everyone and welcome to the 190th edition of Wednesday Hodgepodge.  So please fell free to jump over to Joyce's blog who created this and join in on the fun.  Be sure to visit other bloggers that are also participating and leave a comment or two.  Just have fun...there are no right or wrong answers here.

1. I'm celebrating a birthday this week so a question relating to aging feels appropriate. Douglas MacArthur is quoted as saying, 'You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair." Would you agree? If not why not?

---- I would say that I agree.  I am always telling people that they are only as old as they want to be.  It is a mind set.  I have a lady that I work with that is 75 years old and has more energy and pep then anyone I have ever seen that age.  She said she refuses to grow up because she is having to much fun.  Honestly, she wears me out.

2. What remarkable feat, interesting piece of trivia, or historical event occurred on your birth day and month? Not necessarily in your birthyear, just the same date/same month.

--- Great question and had me doing my research.  So I only picked about 4 that sounded good and left all the bad ones alone.
      The official signing of the US Declaration of Independence by 56 people in 1776
     Henry Hudson enters bay that was later named after him
     1st mailboxes were installed in Boston and NYC Streets
     Lewis Carroll publishes "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
3. Describe a time or circumstance where you wanted to 'have your cake and eat it too.'

---- As a woman I always want my cake and eat it too.  I mean seriously I would love to get paid from a job and have a 6 month vacation twice a year.  

4. What's something you do that makes you feel young? Something that makes you feel old?

---- Oh this requires some thought.  I guess I would have to say swinging on a swingset.  As far as what makes me feel old...that is body.  I hurt in places I didn't know could hurt as I get older.

5. When did you last do something that was 'a piece of cake'?

---- hmmmm another one that requires  Most of what I do is simple and easy. So to answer that one is next to impossible.  But I guess I will have to say putting my grandson to sleep even when he didn't want to.

6.  Beef, wine, and cheese all improve with age. What's something else you'd add to that list? (not necessarily food or beverage) 

---- Sex of course, every year you should be better at it then the year before.

7. If I were to have a giveaway when we hit Volume 200, what should I give away? By my calculations we'll hit Volume 200 on November 26th, the day before Thanksgiving, which means whoever wins would have whatever it is in time for Christmas.  

---- I haven't a clue but would hope maybe ad space on your blog.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

---- Today has already been one of them days.  However, knowing that I get to go home to my pumpkin above is enough to put a smile on my face.

****Please be sure to visit these two post Here and Here and help with finding a cure for Cancer.  Then Share so we can spread the word.

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FREE $100 in Product Plus 20% Discount

I thought that title would grab your attention and so did AVON.

Which is a Sabrina Bag ($45 value) along with $55 worth of free Samples and Miniatures for anyone who orders $100 online for direct delivery.  So you get FREE $100 worth of product for a $100 order, FREE Shipping on your order, Shipped straight to your door within 3-5 days ++++++ PLUS.....use the code DARING at checkout and you get 20% off your order. (LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!!)

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Not to mention you can also check our our NEWEST Product that Avon is using to promote the Breast Cancer Awareness Program.  For every Jar your purchase of the Day or Night Cream Avon will donate $5 to the Breast Cancer Foundation to help get rid of this horrible disease.  So it is a WIN WIN for both but wait if you go to Retail Me Not website and search Avon then you will also qualify for an additional 3% back in cash.  So you see not only is Avon giving you a Great product that helps fight Cancer but it is giving you Beauty Sleep in a Jar, $5 towards fighting Cancer, a 20% Discount, Free Shipping and you will get that wonderful bundle at the top for free on your $100 order.  Yes even after you apply all the discounts you will still get the above product as long as your original order size is $100.

So click on any of the photos above and enjoy shopping right from your chair, help a great cause and save money and time all in one step.  I am trying raise awareness to this wonderful opportunity to help fight Cancer and I would appreciate it if you would share this post with everyone you know as well.  I mean seriously who doesn't like a bargain and to help out by doing what they enjoy.  

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See the Difference, Make A Difference!!!!!

Avon's newest product in the U.S. is the Anew Vitale which is going to help fight Cancer.  Avon has reformulated and redesigned this line of Anew to meet the younger crowd of women and get them to start thinking about taking care of their skin.  Not only is this in an adorable pink containers and jars but the commitment that Avon has made with each and ever one of these products sold is going to help fight Breast Cancer.

With the Purchase of the Anew Vitale Day Cream or Night Cream Avon is going to donate $5 to the Breast Cancer Research Program to help fight against this horrible cancer.  Avon wants women to feel and look healthy, happy and radiant.

Our newest and reformulated cleanser is designed to make your skin look and feel invigorated, pourless and refreshed all while helping fight Breast Cancer.  This Cream is fragrance free, has a Broad Spectrum SPF 25 and you will see results within days.

My goal is to help raise $500 with my sales of this product and I would be honored if you would help me make this goal happen.  Not only is Avon going to donate $5 of every jar sold to Cancer but we as a community and fellow bloggers can help in being a part of that process.  So I am asking all of you whom read this to please share this post and help kick Cancer's butt.

I have truly been affected with Cancer in my family.  I work with 3 Breast Cancer Survivors and have a fellow Avon Teammate who is a 5 year survivor as well.  There has been some great research to find a cure and we can help in finding a cure faster and easier.

Your purchase of a day and night cream will be $10 donated towards my goal that goes straight to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.  We are having an Introductory Price of $24.99 for each Vitale Cream.

When you do a comparison to Lancome YOU will not only see a major savings but also see an added benefit to help fight Cancer.

Lancome Bienfail Multi-Vital Eye SPF 28                       $40.00
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Anew Vitale Glen Cleanser                                   $  7.99
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Anew Day Cream Broad Spectrum                       $24.99
Anew Night Cream                                               $24.99
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So this is a WIN WIN for everyone.  You save OVER HALF plus the Cancer Research gets an additional $10 for your purchase.

So you tell me which product would you rather buy?  I would say that one that does double duty of taking care of your beautiful skin and helping to fight and find a cure for cancer.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Day In My Life #blogeverydayinsept

Hello everyone and welcome to another post for the September Challenge.  I have several days to catch up on at once so bear with me.  Today I am doing Monday Sept 8 post that is:  A Day in the life of Me.  It really very exciting but I will share my typical day.

I work fulltime and do AVON fulltime so my days can be boring, chaotic or just plain fun.  Depending on the day and time of year.  But I usually the picture below is what my day is like at the office for my boss.

As you can see my desk is usually full of papers that either have to be entered for payment, emailed for approval of faxed to some else.  Of course I couldn't help but to share my view of my loved ones in the picture.  I try to make my office at work feel more like home so I don't miss everyone as much when I am not with them.

Or I am working on things such as promoting my AVON business by sending product like this one above to my sister-in-law Kisha to do reviews and post vlogs about her findings.  But usually I am finding ways on FB to see what other ideas I can use to help promote my business.

However, I do from time to time log onto my AVON e-store and see what great specials they are offering for all of my readers and customers.  For a prime example:

Which is a Sabrina Bag ($45 value) along with $55 worth of free Samples and Miniatures for anyone who orders $100 online for direct delivery.  So you get FREE $100 worth of product for a $100 order, FREE Shipping on your order, Shipped straight to your door within 3-5 days ++++++ PLUS.....use the code DARING at checkout and you get 20% off your order. (LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!!)

SO here is the recap:     go HERE shop around.  Fill up your order card with $100 worth of product, get the above FREE and 20% OFF with the code DARING and your order is now only $80 plus free shipping.

Order:            $100.00
Shipping:              0.00
Total              $100.00
Discount:       -   20.00
Total              $  80.00

Total Value of Order:  $225.95 once you figure your free product and value of shipping.  I mean seriously who wouldn't want a deal like that.  You get $225.95 worth of product and services for only $80.  That is just crazy.  Not to mention you don't have to stand in line, you don't have to deal with traffic and you aren't wasting any gas. 

So yes this is what my normal day looks like at work.  I not only do my job job at work but I also promote and work on my AVON business at work as well.

I would love to know if any of you got this wonderful special and what your thoughts are on it.  Please let me know and I would love to share your thoughts, opinions and even your favorite product.

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Calling on all Philly Residents.....Planning for Philly!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.  Today I am writing about my trip coming up to Philly.  I am super excited since I have only driven through the great state of Pennsylvania and only stopped at a rest area along the way to NYC.  So I need some help from all of you out there in the blogworld that know about Philly.

My husband wants to go just to be able to decide which is a better cheese steak Geno's or Pat's.  Like this is the WHOLE reason he wants to go.  I swear men and their food.  However, for me, yeah I just want to go to go.  I love to travel and I have been to all but about 14 states in the U.S.  So I can't wait to go.  I love to document various travels and will be working on that soon for the blog.  I just have to really sit down and take the time to do it all.

So having never been to Philly I need some help with this one.  I obviously want to see a ton of stuff and take tons of photos but I am not sure where to stay.  I don't want an expensive hotel because this is literally a last minute trip.  We are leaving out Friday morning and coming back home on Sunday.  According to Maps it is about an 11 hr drive.  So until I just double checked the mileage we were going to leave Friday morning around 10 or so and just crash out when we got there, but now I think we will be leaving around 5 or 6 a.m. so we can get there at a descent time and see some stuff.

I don't know anything about any of the area's and would love some suggestions as to what area's to avoid and so forth.  I was going to book a hotel one time in Florida and found out real quick that it was in a bad part of town.  So if at all possible I am trying to avoid that.

I know we will be going to both Pat's and Geno's as well as seeing the normal tourist attractions.  We are even talking about riding up to NYC and seeing the Statue of Liberty but my plans were just crushed on that because they are sold out for the Crown :-(.  But that is what happens when it is a last minute trip.

Of course no trip would be complete without a trip to the Zoo.  I mean I know we have a zoo here as well and usually all the animals are the same but to me it is the settings that the Zoo has.  Some are more stocked with animals then others, some even have more ways to view the animals then others.  But honestly, I just love looking at the animals.  I have to say that the pricing isn't bad either.   So I will do a post about this trip once we are back as well.

Then of course there are all the little things that are hidden treasures within a city.  This is a picture of the fountain on East Passyunk   Avenue which according to Trip Advisor is known as the City's Contemporary Restaurant Row.  So this outta be interesting to see.  However, I am kinda picky about my food so we will see.

There are tons of things to see and do in every city and state and I could just do a stay-cation  here in Kentucky because there is plenty that I haven't seen or done here but I so want to get away.  Besides hubby and I have been talking about it forever so he decided we are going to do it at the end of this month.

I am taking vacation from work to be able to work a week full of Avon and build my Avon business and then we are getting out of town for the weekend.  Yes I know taking vacation from work to work my Avon Business isn't a vacation but at least with Avon I can get up and sleep in as early or late as I want to.

So I would love for any of you veteran Philly natives or even new Philly Residents to give me some advise on what to do, where to stay, things to see, and things to avoid.  Who else knows their city better then you?

For any of you others out there that have visited this great place you can also chime in and let me know what your experience has been as well.  I would love to hear from all of you.

Can't wait to hear all of the stories and recommendations.  Thanks in advance and thank you for taking the time to read the blog.  Hugs.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering 9/11 Wednesday Hodgepodge

*****Disclaimer****Apparently my blog wants to be difficult today.  It isn't formatting correctly or anything so please forgive the weird look.

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Wednesday Hodgepodge (yes I know today is Thursday) with Joyce @ From This Side of The Pond.  So after r visiting me jump on over to her blog and join in on the fun.  We love meeting new bloggers.

1. On Thursday we pause to remember a dark day in history-9/11. Will you mark it in some special way?

--- I don't see us remembering it in any way however, I will take time to pause and remember them and say a prayer for them.

2. Do you ever/still...listen to an actual radio? Watch a 
 videotape (VCR)? Look up a number in a phonebook? Refer to paper map while traveling? Set an alarm on an alarm clock as opposed to your phone?

---I can say that yes I still listen to an actual radio.  For some reason I can't access iheart radio or pandora on my computer.  Weird I know but it just won't work.

3.  Is it ever a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you  don't know? 

--- I would say no because the last thing you want to do is get into a heated debate with someone whom you don't know.  You never know what might set them off or if they will become violent.

4. What's a dish you haven't eaten all summer, but come September find 

yourself craving? Have you made it yet this month?

---- Chili....yum yum.  No I haven't made it yet this month but I will be having my husband make it this weekend.  

5. What's something you know nothing about?

---- Fashion.  Sadly but true I haven't got a clue of what goes with what, what colors clash, or styles.  I am a bluejeans and t-shirt kind of girl.  If I do have to dress up it is a simple black slack and blouse.

6. September is Classical Music Month. Do you like classical music? If so,

 what's your favorite piece?

--- No.  I have tried but it just puts me to sleep for some reason.

7. What's the oldest thing you own?

--- I have a silver heart trinket box that my mom bought me when I was around 11 I think.  So telling my age that means I have had it for 31 years.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

--- Things have gotten kinda busy around my house lately.  My daughter had her baby.  Christian Phoenix and he will be 2 months old on the time flies by.  My Avon business has picked up some so that is good.  I have bought a domain name for my blog and with the help of my sister-in-law Kisha we have redesigned my blog now twice.  But I know there will be more changes to come with it so be patient with me. Oh yeah I also changed my signature line all by  Yes people this is huge for me.

I am just ready for a nice relaxing weekend but I know that isn't going to happen either.  I want to be able to go get my massage that my husband got me for my birthday last month.  

Don't forget to show some love and leave a comment and then hop over to Joyce's blog and join in on the fun.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My daily Make UP routine

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of #Blogeverydayinsept.  I am joining in with Whitney@Love Letters & Lists on her blogging challenge for September.  I have to admit I a several days behind.

However, please leave a comment and then click on her link above or the button and join in on the fun.  Meet other bloggers and learn new things.

So Friday was for us to tell each other about our make up routine.  I have to be honest I don't wear make up everyday but when I do it is all AVON.  I am after all an Avon Independent Representative so I have to know my products don't I?

Speaking of Products check out this sweet deal #NYFW from Laura Anderson.

Did you know that if you use a moisturizer on your face before you apply make-up it will help it look more fresh and stay on longer?  This is something I learned after I became a Avon Representative.  I know alot of people will say that they don't have time for a skin care regime but honestly, how do you not have time for one.  Regardless of your age, color, creed, nationality or religious beliefs everyone should be taking care of their skin.

So in this one above starting L-R:T-B we have:  the Anew Foaming Cleaning Face wash, Absolute Even Multi-tone skin corrector, and then on the bottom I have 2 seperate Day treatments.  One is a lotion and the other is a creme.  They are both great but you can see that you have an option on how they are dispensed.

And then we have the make up routine, again, will look better and last longer when you put moisturizer on your face first.  Now I don't use all of these all the time but when I am going out for the evening the yes I do wear all of it.  Afterall, we want to be beautiful don't we?

So as you can see, you have your concealer, BB Creme (awesome by itself), foundation, Glimmersticks eyeliner, eyeshadow, face powder, lipstick, blush/bronzer and then last but not least the awesome new Big & Daring Mascara.  I can't brag enough about this mascara and I can honestly say it does what it claims it does.  Stays on for 24 hrs with no smudging, flaking or anything else.

So that is my make-up routine when I wear it but mostly I just throw on some BB creme after my skin care regime and some lipstick and mascara for a day at the office.

I would love to know what if you have tried any of our products and what your thoughts are on them.  So please leave a comment below or follow for more exciting news to come about AVON or if you would like more information on how to become a representative and I will get back to you.

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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Restaurant Review & Greatest Breakfast Ever

Today I am doing a review on this Restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ.  Yes I know I live in Kentucky and I so wish we had one of these here!!!!!!!

My husband and I went on a business trip to Scottsdale and we stayed at the Hyatt Resort (fyi, don't waste your money) for 4 days.  It was certainly not worth paying for in my opinion and honestly, I didn't pay for it.  It was my company's annual convention and it was my year to go.  So we packed up and off we went.

I am sorry but going from a hot humid climate to a oven roasting climate was not my idea to do in the middle of June.  The temperature was extremely hot and the A/C was a joke in the hotel room and the car.

Sorry got off  So anyway, we found this restaurant where we could go and have a good breakfast every morning which the staff recommended.  I am so happy that they did.  This place was amazing.  Every morning we were up, dressed and standing outside waiting for them to open.  That is how incredible amazing their food is.

The inside was nice looking and really clean and comfortable considering how hot it was outside.

The best part for hubby was that they had FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE.  OMG it made me want to run home and buy a juicer to make our own.  I love oranges anyway but these oranges that they used was the best I have ever had.

The staff was great.  Fast to get us seated and get our drinks out to us.  I of course had coffee as usual and hubby had O.J. and a cup of coffee.  Then we started looking at the menu.  I didn't have a clue what I wanted so hubby decided for me.  I mean after all he ALWAYS places my order when we go out to eat.  He just knows me that well I guess...hmmm maybe I should change my order once.

They had everything from Pancakes (obviously) to waffles, omelets and Skillets.  Oh the Skillets....YUMMMMMMMMM is all I can say about them.  My husband picked the right one for me that is for sure.  They have their skillets listed as Acronyms so I got the HMOP (ham, mushroom, onion, peppers) with my coffee.  It was fantfreakingtastic ok I mean FANFREAKINGTASTIC.  I didn't want to leave because I wanted to have one of these everyday for breakfast.  I don't remember what hubby got because I was too busy enjoying the wonderful taste of my own breakfast.

So when we got home I told him he had to make this for me every Saturday morning.  I would of loved to have it every morning but I don't normally eat before work so Saturdays it was.  The recipe is as simple as it sounds but I wanted to share all the ingredients and the final product for you to see for yourself.

So you need the following:
2-3 Eggs (depends on how hungry you are)
Ham chunks
Green Peppers and Onion
Hash Browns
Shredded Cheese

So you cook your hash browns, green peppers, onions and mushrooms together and when they are done you add the shredded cheese and the eggs on top of that.  Serve with toast and either a cup of O.J. or coffee (pssst its ok to have both drinks wink wink).

This is the homemade finished version of this wonderful delicious breakfast.  Only in this one hubby made homemade potatoes to go with it since we were out of hash browns.  Either Way it was still delicious.  Honestly, you can even have this for lunch or dinner.  Whenever the mood strikes you for these ingredients you can just grab a skillet and start cooking.

So I highly recommend Butters Pancake & Cafe in Scottsdale, AZ if you are planning a visit.  You can find their information Here and as you can see from the menu it isn't a bad price.  I was expecting it to be higher than it was but nope, it was extremely reasonable and beyond delicious.

I would love to know if any of you have ever been there and what your thoughts are on the place.  They have 4.6 stars on google which doesn't surprise me one bit.  I mean seriously if I could open one of these up here I would in a heart beat.

So I hope you enjoyed this other wonderful dish I have shared with you and if you have tried it or something like it I would love to hear your feed back.

Fruit and Pasta Salad = Yummy Yummy!!!!!

Hello everyone.  Today I am bringing you a simple yet delicious salad.  You can have this for lunch, dinner or a snack.  When I first seen this salad in an All You Magazine I thought it was a bit weird but man it looked so scrumptious on the page.  So I gave it a try.  

Today I am going to share with you all how simple this is.  You can feed alot of people on this one and it is affordable. So here it goes:

1 box of Creamette or any kind of spiral colored noodles
Spinach de-stemmed ( I chose Organic)
Strawberries, blueberries and pineapples.  (really any fruit you want)
Chicken Breast (Canned from Meijer) You can also cook it

You cook the noodles, rinse in cold water and add to the bowl
Take your fruits and just start layering them on top of the pasta
(be sure you check for stems and that they are all cleaned well)
Take the dressing and pour it all over the mixture until it is all gone
toss to mix the dressing in real good
Let chill for about 30 minutes or so in the fridge 
(this will give it time to get the dressing mixed well and marinate the fruit)
Take your baby spinach and de-stem it and put it on a plate
Scoop salad on spinach and enjoy.

It is a super simple yet delicious dish.  My family tears this up.  The best part is you can add any kind of fruit to it you want.  You can even add nuts if you want to.  It is super super simple and the longer it sits to marinate together the better it will taste.

No matter what time of the year you make it you will have a deliciously light and tasteful meal.  Even though this is strawberries, blueberries and pineapple the taste really mixes well with one another.  You have your sweet and tart that counteract each other and really harmonizes the dish.

If you have tried this I would love to hear your thoughts on it.  So be sure to drop me a line and let me know if you have or not or if you will.  I would love to get your feed back as well.

Hope everyone has a great evening and a wonderful week ahead.