Friday, July 18, 2014

Avon Skinvincible Review and Discounts

Hello everyone and Happy Friday.  Today I am following up on a blog post that my sister-in-law Kisha did on her blog yesterday.  Together we are partnering with each other to offer everyone a great incentive and discount.  In her video she does a great job of capturing all of the wonderful things about this product such as the SPF50 + Antioxidants and the difference it can make on the damage caused to your skin by the environment.  Not to mention is is also Recommended byt eh Skin Cancer Foundation for Daily Use.  I also wanted to touch on the $5 off a $25 dollar order that I am giving to new customers.

Unfortunately there isn't a code you can put in for this on the website and it is something that I am only offering and not AVON.  How this works is for every new customer that logs onto my AVON site you will get reimbursed $5 for every $25 that you spend.  When you register on my site you will have to put in your email address and then I will be able to contact you in order to get the $5 back to you.  If you have a Paypal account then I can just send it to you via Paypal, if you don't then I can send you either a giftcard or a money order.  Avon is working on a way that we can input our own codes for instant discount but right now that hasn't been implemented for us to be able to do that.

However, I do have more savings for you guys as you venture over to my site and check it out.  Right now if you go to Retailmenot and see alot of great online codes you can use for my store.  My favorite would be the 20% off a $50 order and it is instant.  All you have to do is type AVONFB20 at the checkout portion and you will get 20% off and FREE shipping.

It has also been listed as the MVP in Redbook 2014 which is super exciting because that means they are a believer in our product.   I love seeing that we are featured in a major magazine that reaches thousands of people and that we are extremely affordable compared to other brands.

So not only are you getting a great product that has endorsements from Redbook, you are also getting $5 sent back to you from me for any order of $25 which is 20% you will also get an additional 20% off with using the AVONFB20 code for a $50 order and FREE SHIPPING.  However, Avon is going to do one better for you.  With a $75 dollar order you will get the following for free which is a $48 dollar value.

This free 6 piece gift set includes: Wash off Waterproof Mascara, 2 Bug Guard Towlettes, Footworks Intensive Moisture Foot Cream, Moisture Theraphy Intense Healing Lip Ointment, SSS Aqua Hand Lotion and the cutest Rosetta Tote Bag ever!!!!!  

WOW!!!!!!!  What amazing savings and discounts that I am offering you for shopping on my website.  But don't wait long because this great deal on the Free 6-Piece won't last long.  With just the free 6-Piece and the $5 that I will be sending you back is a total value of $53 dollars so you will be getting over a $100 worth of product at a huge discount savings.

So be sure to check out this Review Post over at Kisha's blog and see for yourself.  She has a Video Review on this product and all the wonderful benefits.