Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day to All

Happy Heavenly Mother's day to the worlds greatest Moms taken too soon.  My mom aka Nanna and my daughter Heather Nicole Jaggers aka The Princess.  This photo was taken while Heather was pregnant with her son Aadyn.  Also happens to be the day of her daughter Kaylee Marie Logsdon birthday and her graduation day from high school.  She was so happy and so proud to be getting her diploma.  

This was also the only time that my mom would allow us to take her photo.  She didn't like the camera very much ok at all but that is how she has always been that I can remember.  At least she let us take her picture at special occasions as this.  This wasn't a traditional graduation because Heather decided that her college career didn't need to be put on hold any longer then necessary and she dropped out and took her G.E.D. test immediately and passed on her first try with above average scores.  She was a bit of a book nerd I guess you could say.  But what matters is that she got it and she was heading to college.
Both of theirs lives was cut short shortly after graduation.  Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and Heather was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Heather's children were 3 1/2 and 18 months.  They probably don't even remember her.  I know Aadyn doesn't.  It still breaks my heart to this day and it doesn't seem real but I know they are both gone and are in Heaven Together.  Mom was cremated and because she said she didn't want us wasting our money on a funeral.  Well Heather had a funeral and before they closed the casket lid we took moms ashes and slid them under the pillow in the casket so they would be together for all eternity. The Lord has two very special and precious Moms with him today that are greatly missed.

I didn't mean for this post to be sad or depressing but a reminder that no matter how hard your day is or your life may seem that there are other's out there that are less fortunate then you if you still have your mother.  We are not perfect in any form and mother's make mistakes just like everyone else and we learn as we go.  HOWEVER, NEVER EVER EVER DOUBT THE LOVE THEY HAVE FOR THEIR CHILDREN!!!!!!!   My mom, daughter and I were all extremely close and we still argued but at the end of the day and every conversation the last words that were spoken was "I LOVE YOU" so no matter what we always had those last 3 words to cherish.  Those are the 3 words I heard my daughter day before she was killed.  I cherish those words and still say them to this day.

So with that said, I want to take this moment to wish all of you a very Happy Mother's Day.  May your day be filled with Love, laughter, patience and understanding for we are all human and we all make mistakes.  However, knowing that we are loved and we love is always the most precious gift of all.  So tell your loved ones that you love them even if you are angry and hurt because those are only temporary emotions and the Love and Sacrifice that we go through for our family is a feeling and emotion that last forever no matter what.

So enjoy this day rather you are the Mom or the Dad Mom it is hard work and often times unnoticed the things that we go through for our children and families but we do it anyway and in their own way they appreciate it and just don't know how to say or show it.

Happy Mother's Day from one Mother to another, may you find love, peace, happiness and many many blessings.