Saturday, May 17, 2014

Friday Letters on Saturday

Good morning everyone and happy Saturday.  Today I am bringing you Friday Letters a day late but for several good reasons.  1) I haven't figured out how to do a post and then have it automatically post...yes I know I need to figure this out! and 2) is because I got up at 5 am yesterday to attend my Avon President's Gala event and didn't get home till after 5 and I was mind numb after such a long day.  It was an 1 hr and 24 minute bus ride each way without coffee.

Me without coffee that long is like saying the Pope isn't Catholic.  It just isn't good.  But without further ado here is my Fridays Letters.  Hope you enjoy and don't forget to let me know you stopped by.

Dear God,  First and foremost I want to Thank You for giving me another day on this planet to share with my family and friends and Avon Family.  You are the one in control of all that is going on and sometimes we forget to say thank you and acknowledge that.  So Thank You!!!!!!

Dear Trent,  I would be so lost without you. You are such an awesome husband.  I don't know how I would get up in the mornings for anything if it wasn't for you.  OK except may Saturday's when I have nothing to do or planned I always wake up at 7:04.....I don't know what is up with that.  But in case you didn't already know...I Love You and You are absolutely Awesome!!!!

Dear Victoria,  I am sorry that Christian is giving you issues. I am sure he is just a hard sleeper like his mommy was and when he gets here you will be more than missing your sleep time.  New babies have a tendency to do that to us all did it to me but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  You are going to be a great mommy.

Dear Brandon,  I am sorry you are not very happy lately.  I really wish there was something I could do to make it better for you but I can't because you never tell me what is going on.  You go to work and then come home and stay in your room and I don't see you unless you are coming into the kitchen to get something to eat.  I just hope you know that I Love You and I am your biggest supporter and cheerleader.  

Dear Sonye,  you absolutely rock!!!!!!!  What more can I say about you other then you are one of a kind.  Me and your sister were talking yesterday and she said that you love what you do and you give 200%, I corrected her and told her that you give more then that.  You are a true leader and I am honored to say that you are not only my Avon Sister but my friend as well.  You are more then deserving of all the many blessings that come your way and then some.  You are like a sister to me and I love you for being who you are.

Dear Michelle,  Wow, where to start with you?  When you came into our Avon District as the New District Manager I wasn't sure about how you would do and I remember telling you that you would face some challenges.  Man all I can say is you are absolutely the BOMB!!!!!  Not only are you taking our District places in the ranks but you are just an all around awesome person!!!!!!  You are giving, helpful, funny, supportive and you made me cry yesterday at the Gala.  Your words were truly touching and for to present me with the honor of The Spirit of Avon yesterday was a great surprise and honor.  You are a true leader and a genuine person who cares and it is an honor to call you my District Manager.
 I know this isn't the best pic of you sorry it was the only one I had on my phone to use for this post.

Dear Leslie,  my other adopted District Manager, I miss you.  It was great seeing you yesterday and we certainly need to get together and do baskets and just hang out and all go out recruiting again.

Dear Scott and Kisha,  It was great to see you all when you were here and hoped you could have stayed longer but you all have a very full schedule.  Maybe when you come back down in the summer you can visit a little longer with us.

Dear Kevin and Marie,  Uh hello!!!!!!!  We were suppose to be doing Saturday dinner once a month and you all haven't been back in a while.  Of course you are some very picky eaters but that is ok I still love you both.  We should all get together and go out sometimes.

Dear work, why are we open on Saturday?  It isn't like we get any phone calls so it seems crazy to have someone sit here for 4 hrs on Saturday to answer the phone but whatever, I will take the overtime no problem.

Well that is all for me today on my Friday Letters.  I will be doing another post on my event yesterday for the Recognition of the President's Club Members for Avon.  Hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend and I will be talking to you all again soon.